TNA News: Talents Unhappy With Recent Losses On Their Record

TNA has been going through a lot lately. It’s been a rough transition for them these days. Along with losing some top names to other companies or some simply just leaving due to contractual problems with the company, it seems that TNA can do nothing correct in the eyes of their talent.

TNA’s latest issue with talent came on their One Night Only PPV. The company brought in some old TNA names for of course, one night only. Many talents were happy to see old faces back in the company for the night. Yet for some reason, several hated the idea that they had to put over some of the old names.

Those under contract felt that just because they were under a deal, they deserved to get the win over someone who was not, despite the name value or person it was. While in some cases, this can be understandable. You have to look at things from a story perspective and believablity angle.

If everyone knew going in that the old names would lose, what would be the point of watching the match? There is no excitement or greatness in knowing the outcome before it happens. So why would TNA have everyone under contract win? That doesn’t make any bit of sense.

It seems that the talents who were unhappy with this lost a bit of brain power. They have to understand that they cannot win every match, and sometimes they have to put over people they do not like or think they are better than.

Sometimes you just have to lose. The issue is that many TNA talents are miffed right now at the company. Many know that some are making far more than they ever will. They also know that many contracts are being cut shorter upon re-signing. People such as AJ Styles left the company because they were simply offering too little.

When a TNA staple like AJ Styles leaves the company and knows he can make more on the Indy scene, that should tell you where TNA is financially. Of course, they have had no problems bringing in former WWE stars or keeping them. It seems they are willing to pay them whatever they want. However, TNA originals do not seem to get the same love.

It is understandable that they could be angry due to that. Wouldn’t you? Knowing that just because you never wrestled for WWE, you could never make the type of money that a former WWE star that walks into the company could get. It doesn’t even matter who the former talent was, as long as they could wrestle and had “former WWE Superstar” connected to their name, all was right with the world in TNA’s eyes.

While talent has no reason to be made at TNA for this ordeal, it does seem that many are considering a walk out when their contract is up. That is obviously not good for TNA. So we shall see what TNA decides to do about this issue. Whether or not they change their ways is another case entirely.