Bruno Mars And His Band Are Simply 'Killing It,' Says Lee Brice

Bruno Mars is receiving good reviews from fans, critics, and musicians alike.

The "When I Was Your Man" crooner recently took his tour to folks on the other side of the pond, shows that seemingly left everyone thoroughly impressed with his on-stage abilities. People from all walks of life seem to think the singer is the bee's knees. If you're unfamiliar with the idiom, then rest assured that it's a very good thing.

One person who believes Bruno Mars is the full package is country singer Lee Brice. During his chat with the boys and girls at HitFix, the musician admitted that he's a pretty big fan of the Hawaiian singer. Unfortunately, Brice also admits that he'll never cut a rug like Mars.

"I cannot dance like him. I think I can sometimes If I've had enough. I loved his record. We were in Salt Lake City and he happened to be playing the arena. We were playing the amphitheater with Brad Paisley. I took off and went to see the Bruno show right after [my] set and it just killed me," the singer explained.

He added, "One of the things I loved about it was it wasn't a lot of fire and lights and crap, it's just a nice tight set of lights and a band that is killing it and a man who is singing his soul out. It was about him, the singer, the writer, and the player, and producer; that's what I'm shooting for."

Brice isn't the only celebrity who believes that Bruno Mars is a swell guy. The folks at MTV News UK recently talked to Anne Hathaway during her Rio 2 press junket. According to the Dark Knight Rises star, Mars is a "lovely" guy. It's pretty hard to find someone who has a cross word to say about the singer these days.

Even his childhood friends seem to think Bruno is an incredible human being. The Inquisitr previously reported that some of his old pals believe the singer "didn't miss a beat" back in the day.

"Sometimes, I'd get up to use the restroom at 3 a.m., [and] there he was standing there, moving his hips and I would say, 'Son, you've got to go to sleep,' and he'd say, 'Wait, just one more minute. I've almost got it,'" the singer's father told Hawaii News Now.

Do you agree with Lee Brice and countless other celebrities that Bruno Mars and his band are currently "killing it"?

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