Watch Miami Heat Vs. Charlotte Bobcats Game One Live Online, 2014 NBA Playoffs Streaming Video

Fans who watch the Miami Heat vs. the Charlotte Bobcats game one live online might expect Lebron James and company to begin their march to the finals of the 2014 NBA playoffs. Especially after the epic collapse of the Indiana Pacers against the Atlanta Hawks on Saturday, it appears the Heat are poised for an easy run through the Eastern Conference.

Sleeping on the Bobcats may not be a good idea for the Miami Heat. For those who watch the Miami Heat vs. the Charlotte Bobcats game one live online Sunday may be surprised by how hard the Bobcats actually compete. In the last three games between the Heat and Bobcats this season, Charlotte held substantial leads. Although the Miami Heat fought back in all of those games, coach Erik Spoelstra does not want to leave anything to chance.

“Our last three games against them, we had to dig back from three deficits to come back and win. That has not gone lost in our preparation.”

The Charlotte Bobcats got off to a rocky start this season, looking as lost as they have in recent seasons. After the All-Star break, the Bobcats came out looking like a different team. In fact, they marched their way into the 2014 NBA playoffs behind defense. Surprisingly, they finished the NBA regular season ranked fourth in opponents scoring. The offensive efficiency of Kemba Walker and Al Jefferson has gelled at just the right time.

Of course the Miami Heat have no desire to see themselves suffer a similar fate as the Pacers did in their game one. And their entire defensive effort will be aimed at stopping Jefferson. One of the keys to watch in the Miami Heat vs. Charlotte Bobcats game one match up will be how the Heat double team and triple team Jefferson. It is also expected that Greg Oden may get some playing time in this series to save Chris Bosh and Lebron James from foul trouble.

The Miami Heat obviously have the advantage as long as Lebron James is on the court. But if Charlotte can manage to exploit one or two match ups, they could prove to be some trouble. Unless the Bobcats can find offense outside of Jefferson, this series could end up being a sweep. It would not be surprising to see the Bobcats win at least one game behind the inside scoring of Jefferson, but it is doubtful he can do enough to overcome the Eastern Conference favorites.

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