Jon Bon Jovi Or Donald Trump May Buy The NFL Buffalo Bills, Move The Franchise To Other Cities

Jon Bon Jovi, Jim Kelly, and Donald Trump are reportedly in the running to purchase the NFL team the Buffalo Bills. But could the purchase end up in with the $870 million NFL franchise being moved?

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The idea that Jon Bon Jovi may become the Buffalo Bills owner is actually not a new one. This past fall, the NFL team was expected to sell following the passing of former owner Ralph Wilson, who died last month. Originally the Rogers Communications group was thought to be the most likely purchaser, but Jon Bon Jovi’s interest in the franchise has increased significantly since last year.

Jon Bon Jovi is well known as being personal friends with multiple NFL coaches, and he’s also expressed interest in buying minority shares in other teams. Lending evidence to the rumors is the fact that Jon Bon Jovi has been spending a lot of time lately speaking to major political figures in the Buffalo area. He also revised his tour schedule so he could spend more time in the area.

The biggest objection Buffalo Bills fans have to the idea is that Jon Bon Jovi may attempt to move the football team franchise away from Buffalo. These rumors are also reasonable because the city of Buffalo is the second small market for the NFL compared to bigger cities. But a move would be complicated by a 10-year lease recently signed for Ralph Wilson Stadium, one that has a $400 million penalty for moving the team within the next seven years.

Executives in the area have confirmed that at least 10 prospective buyers are lining up. But Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s executive vice president, claims Jon Bon Jovi may have some stiff competition in the bidding for the Buffalo Bills. The only good news is that if Trump wins then the Buffalo Bills will stay in their hometown:

“We are all just waiting. And Mr. Trump is at the top of that list. There’s nobody more serious than Donald Trump. Donald Trump has made it crystal clear that the Bills will remain in Buffalo.”

In addition, another prospect is Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly, whose family claims “is definitely a player.”

Who would you rather see own the Buffalo Bill; Jon Bon Jovi, Jim Kelly, or Donald Trump?