Jennifer Aniston Turning Into A 'Shrewder Businesswoman,' Thanks To Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston is hella rich. In fact, she's $20 million rich, according to latest Forbes estimates. For that, she can thank quirky fashionista Rachel Greene, the character she played in the 90s hit sitcom Friends, and also the multiple films and endorsements she has starred in during the succeeding decades.

But Jennifer is not getting any younger, and soon, she may no longer pass waitress-turned-clothing executive roles in the future. That is why fiance, filmmaker and screenwriter Justin Theroux, whose success with blockbuster hits like Iron Man 2 and Tropic Thunder also made him some serious cash, is reportedly helping Jennifer expand her Hollywood empire.

According to Radar Online, who got the scoop on Jennifer, reported that the ex-Friends star is getting some serious advice from beau Justin, who was reportedly turning Aniston into a "shrewder businesswoman."

A source for Radar mentioned that Justin has his hands deep into Jennifer's purse. Unlike Brad, who previously declared that he didn't meddle with ex-lover Aniston's fortune, Theroux is just the opposite.

The insider revealed these juicy scoops about Justin's capitalist-coach role in Jennifer Aniston's financial ventures:

"Justin is regularly pitching ideas for how Jen can expand her business empire."

"They're working on projects that they can collaborate on and which can make them both a lot of money."

Justin, according to Radar's sources, is driving the money train, and Aniston is reportedly on board. The filmmaker is rumored to be actively pushing Jennifer's massive Hollywood wealth into a much more massive empire of the arts - and Jennifer is totally loving it!

Perhaps one of these financial adventures they are both taking is the rumored adaptation of Friends on broadway, which was reportedly being financed and overseen by Jennifer Aniston herself. Lea Michelle of Glee is even being pulled by Aniston to play her Rachel Greene on the stage, a role that any young actress will fight over to play. Aniston even described her as the "perfect" actress to play the famous character on stage.

Although a movie will definitely NOT be in the works and just "wouldn't make sense," according to the woman behind Rachel Greene herself, Jennifer is said to be super interested in the broadway project and is trying to get Warner Brothers, the owners of the Friends name, on board.

The money train seems to be speeding really fast towards Jennifer, and it won't seem to slow down any minute now. Recently, she starred alongside Jason Sudekis in the movie We're The Millers, which made almost $270 million despite being critically panned by reviewers.

Jennifer Aniston is set to play the sultry dentist Julia Harris in the Horrible Bosses 2, scheduled to come out November this year.

[Image from Pimkie via Flickr]