Justin Bieber Vs. Drake Bell: ‘Bitchcraft’ Visits Alleged Sins Of The Father On Son

Justin Bieber’s crashing of Drake Bell’s album release party last week after two years of one-sided bullying by Bell, saw the former Nickelodeon actor reach a new low over the weekend when he tweeted Bieber with a tabloid story claiming his father, Jeremy, allegedly kicked a then-teenage girl over a decade ago.

After Justin Bieber’s masterclass crashing of Drake Bell’s album release party last Thursday, it seems Bell cannot take what he has dished out to Bieber for over two years and in recent interview rants, without hitting below the belt to retaliate.

Less than 24 hours after Bieber pulled up in a Sprinter van outside Bell’s party at Mixology at the Grove, Los Angeles, and was mobbed by hysterical fans, Bell fired back at the Canadian using a just surfaced — but old — allegation claiming Jeremy roundhouse kicked a teenage girl in her face and broke her jaw 12 years ago.

On Saturday, Justin – no doubt aware of MailOnline’s original report – tweeted:

“I love you pops @jeremybieber. You’re a great father and my best friend.”

To which, his father replied, “@justinbieber ty. I am a better man because of you. #love #family.”

No prizes for guessing what came next. After clocking the Biebers’ online exchange, Bell tweeted:

“@justinbieber @JeremyBieber um…,” and added a screenshot of the alleged assault story titled “Justin Bieber’s Father, Jeremy, Drunkenly Kicked a Teenage Girl, Breaking Her Jaw and Leaving Her Unable to Eat.”

Drake, 27, deleted the tweet quickly after posting, but the eagle-eyed folk at Gossip Cop caught it.

Drake Bell Tweets And Deletes His Bieber Comeback

(Photo: Twitter screenshot.)

The alleged assault story Bell linked to, detailed a claim that Jeremy broke Alicia Wadden’s jaw after kicking her in the face back in 2002.

The incident is alleged to have taken place in Stratford, Canada, when Wadden was just 18-years-old.

Alicia told Mail Online that Jeremy was drunk at the time and allegedly attacked her after she responded to his alleged unwelcome, sexualized comments to “lift up her skirt” by hitting him in the face.

Wadden claims she filed charges against Jeremy after Stratford police pressurized her. She alleges Jeremy gave her boyfriend $1000 the night before Jeremy’s trial, also passing on an instruction that she shouldn’t testify. Alicia described the cash as a “bonus,” adding that she had no intention of testifying at the time.

As a result, Mail Online claims the trial was dismissed.

The Inquisitr notes that it’s not known whether Wadden’s claim is wholly true, true in part, or completely false.

MailOnline says it saw a copy of Alicia’s police statement but didn’t reproduce it on its site. However, Jeremy was convicted of an assault in an earlier 1997 case, then convicted of two probation violations two years later, before he was charged with assault in a 2004 case that was later dismissed.

In addition, from recent postings on Jeremy’s Twitter and Facebook accounts he appears to be aware that the alleged assault story is out — but hasn’t challenged it. In the past, he has criticized inaccurate media claims.

After Bell’s tweet and delete, Justin’s fans rallied online and accused Drake of going too far in his obsession with Bieber.

Naturally, Drake’s fans disagreed.

At the time of the Jeremy’s alleged assault against Wadden, Justin was eight-years-old and living with his mother, Pattie Mallette, back in Stratford. Although she and Jeremy separated when Justin was 10-months old, he remained a presence in his son’s life and is referred to glowingly in Justin’s interviews.

Since Bieber shaded Bell at his album release party, Drake has attempted to downplay the snub, telling Fox 11:

“There’s no war. There’s no real beef or anything like that.”

Referring to a now infamous Instagram snap that Justin somehow posted (then deleted) after crashing Bell’s bash, which showed Drake on a balcony at Mixology watching Bieber’s fan-mobbed van, Bell added:

“I was changing my clothes [at the time], I didn’t know he was there,” he said. “That pic [that Bieber posted on Instagram] is actually as Justin was leaving.”

Drake Bell Shamed

That actually seems to be untrue as we got hold of video of Bell, all changed and clambering atop a balcony to watch Bieber.

And it can’t have been unclear who was in the van due to fans’ screaming Justin’s name, as heard in numerous videos.

So: our takeaway of Drake Bell, self-declared “role model?”

On July 3, 2012, Bell claimed his Twitter account was hacked after he described Katy Perry as “ridiculous” for making an autobiographical film Part of Me. Fast forward to April 2, 2014, Drake claimed his BuzzFeed slams of Ariana Grande were misquotes by the website.

We’re sensing a theme.

In Bell’s world, he gets to tantrum two years of insults and put-downs of Bieber, retweet Seth Rogen’s post calling the singer “… a piece of s_t,” previously urge his own fans to sign the Bieber deportation petition, and latterly describe the “Baby” star as “repulsive” among other choice adjectives to BuzzFeed.

But the one time Bieber responds with a low-casualty prank, instead of reflecting with a 27-year-old’s perspective and saying: “Fair enough I’ll give you that Biebs, I asked for it and it doesn’t begin to compare to the mocking I’ve dealt you over the years,” Drake’s instinct was to attack where he knows it will hurt on a profound and painful level.

Bitchcraft,” indeed.