John Legend Working On A Dance Flick For The 'YouTube Generation'

John Legend will soon dip his musical toes into cinematic waters.

Not content with wooing the masses with his songs, the singer is reportedly working on a dance movie that incorporates "found footage" elements. In other words, the project is like Paranormal Activity without all of that pesky supernatural tomfoolery.

According to Vulture, John Legend is working with the guy responsible for giving the world Step Up: All In. The so-called "dance drama" was reportedly crafted specifically for the "YouTube generation," a declaration that has probably turned off a large cross-section of the planet's population.

To be fair, the person responsible for penning John Legend's Breaking Through also has a few other motion pictures under his belt. DNA points out that screenwriter John Swetnam -- who will direct aforementioned the dance flick -- also wrote the 2013 thriller Evidence and the Twister-esque disaster flick Into the Storm. Someone in Hollywood must believe this guy knows what he's doing.

Legend will serve as producer on the found footage dance flick, though it's unclear if he will appear in the movie. Casting on the picture should begin very soon, though word on the street suggests that the movie probably won't feature too many established names. Much like the other Step Up sequels, producers are reportedly interested in finding some fresh faces to play the major characters.

Taking a bold step into the wonderful world of motion pictures isn't the only accomplishment John Legend has celebrated in recent days. MTV UK reports that Legend's ballad "All of Me" was the most-streamed tune on the first Official UK Streaming chart. The singer's song outperformed tracks by Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams, and Imagine Dragons.

Although the track probably made a few people in the UK burst into tears, John Legend previously admitted that he's not the sort of person who cries when he hears a particularly heartwarming tune. Just because the guy can pen a sensitive love song doesn't mean he's perpetually sobbing.

"I wrote it a couple of years ago. When I came home I was like, I wrote a really good song baby, I think you're gonna love it and she started crying," he explained.

Legend added, "I knew it was gonna be a special song, I just had a feeling that a lot of people were gonna love it after her reaction. And then I sang it at my wedding and a lot of people have used it at their weddings."

Are you excited that John Legend is working on a found footage dance movie? Is this greatest idea in Hollywood since You Got Served: Beat the World?

[Image via BET]