Kevin Hart’s Shocking Revelation In The Bible

As we are in the Easter weekend, and Mother’s Day is fast approaching, Kevin Hart’s story seems rather appropriate for both occasions. Comedian and Ride Along star, Kevin Hart appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s TV show, Oprah Prime Sunday night. During the course of his interview, Hart talked about how he got his start in stand-up comedy. Kevin knew when he graduated high school he wanted to be a comedian.

When he told his mother about his career choice, Hart remembers her telling him that she is not a “dream Killer,” as reported by She told Kevin that she would support him in whatever he chose to do with his life. However, Kevin remembers that she told him that he had one year to prove that he could support himself as a stand-up comedian. That put the pressure on, but Hart was more than ready to take on the challenge states

Kevin Hart recalls loving the business. He was working in small clubs, meeting all sorts of comedians, and Hart was making all sorts of connections in the industry. The only thing that wasn’t working in Hart’s favor was earning enough money for his rent. reports that when he missed his first month’s rent, Hart went straight to his mom and said, “I haven’t paid my rent in like a month,” per, “I’m like, ‘Mom, the rent. Where’s the rent at?'” continues stating that Hart’s mom popped a question right back at him. She asked Kevin, “Have you been reading your Bible?” Hart told his mom he didn’t have time for that right then. He was late, and just needed her to give him a check for the rent. His mom asked him again if Kevin had been reading the Bible. He said no and left without a check.

Another month goes by and Kevin goes back to his mom for rent. Again she asked Hart if he had read his Bible. Kevin had to admit he hadn’t. He continued to struggle with his finances until the third month when Kevin came home one day to find an eviction notice on his door. Kevin went straight back to his mom telling her he would be evicted if he didn’t pay his rent. Her response? ‘Talk to me when you read your Bible,” as per

Kevin went home and finally decided to appease his mother he would read his Bible. Hart pulled out the Bible, opened it, and much to his surprise, six rent checks fell out. He had enough money to pay his back rent and months in advance. On he admits that he read about two chapters after the checks fell out, and then Kevin immediately contacted his mom and told her he was sorry. Kevin’s mom replied that she wanted him to read his Bible so that he could build his faith for his future. It obviously has worked well for Kevin Hart. Maybe we should all follow in Hart’s footsteps.