Lidos Crowd as Heat Rises in UK

Lidos in England are crowding as Brits attempt to escape the near 30C (of 86F) temperatures this week.

Humans at parks and beaches are cooling off in public bathing areas, but the high temps have been rough on the country’s pet population. Animal care manager at Shepreth Wildlife Park Rebecca Willers said:

“To keep the animals cool in this extreme heat, we have been freezing bloodsicles for the tigers, showering the emus with cool water and freezing fruit into blocks of ice for the primates to play with.”

NHS- that’s that nifty socialized medicine our cousins in the UK have- officials have issued advisories and advice to residents to cope with the crushing heat:


“Dehydration is one of the biggest causes of illness during hot conditions so it is essential to make sure you drink plenty of water, wear a sun hat and T-shirt and avoid long periods sitting in direct sunlight, especially in the middle of the day.

“Always apply plenty of sunscreen to yourself and your children, and look after the elderly and those suffering from long-term conditions by checking on them regularly and making sure they are staying cool and drinking plenty of fluids.”

Temperatures are expected to drop throughout the week, through the weekend.