CM Punk: WWE RAW Leaked Script Lists Philip Brooks, AJ Lee As ‘Injured’ With Return ‘TBD’

CM Punk rumors just got another shot in the arm with a leaked WWE script that lists Philip Brooks as being injured, with his return TBD (to be determined).

In a related report by The Inquisitr, even if Phil gives up on the WWE, CM Punk can still find a place with TNA wrestling or Ring Of Honor. You should also check out a hilarious video where even Hitler rants that CM Punk should have beat Undertaker’s streak.

Now the question of CM Punk’s WWE return has been asked of Paul Heyman many times. While he’s mostly avoided giving a straight answer he’s also hinted that only several people know the whole truth:

“I talk to him all the time. I don’t really talk to him about the industry all that much because it’s obviously a sore spot with him. I think when you talk about CM Punk/Phil Brooks, there were three people in the room the night that he quit: Vince McMahon, Triple H, and CM Punk. I don’t know what went on in that room. I know certain perspectives, but none of those three have talked in public about it. If one, two, or three of them decide to go public, then we’ll get a perspective on what happened that day. Until one of the three of them speak about it, it’s only rumor and speculation and gossip. How’s he doing? He’s fine. Does he miss the business? I don’t think so.”

But when you read this, keep in mind that Heyman is a great actor. Unless the Brock Lesnar conspiracy theory is true, then Heyman was able to act quite shocked when the streak ended. So it’s possible he’s only saying these things as part of the ongoing story.

Unfortunately, with no real news there’s been plenty of speculation and rumors flying about. The one official event since Royal Bumble 2014 was an appearance on the Talking Dead TV show, where CM Punk referred to refer to himself by his real name and he even called himself a “totally new person.” Once WrestleMania 30 passed we were left to assume that was it…

But then the April 14 showing of Monday Night RAW had its script leaked out and both CM Punk and AJ Lee are listed with their status being injured:

And that’s why I used a photo of Phil holding up his hands as double quotes. Injured is the key word here, which is either a drastic understatement or the actual truth.

As it just so happens, Mick Foley posted on Facebook that he believed CM Punk’s injuries may have played a part in his leaving:

“I have to disagree with those out there who find great fault in Punk’s simply walk away. I am kind of like a ghost that drifts in and out of WWE, but in my past three years of drifting, I have never been to a WWE event where Punk was not in considerable pain. Ice packs, heating pads, and visits to the trainer were as much a part of his daily routine as eating. sleeping, and wrestling. Performing at that level, in that degree of pain was only possible when accompanied by the passion that turned an unlikely Indy kid into one of the greatest WWE superstars of his generation. Once that passions gone, then so are all of the things that made him great. I know what it feels like to go through the motions, and to do what needs to be done solely for the paycheck. It’s not pretty – and though I have not talked to Punk since the night before he left, I have to believe he has too much respect for what he does to let people see him going through the motions. If or when that day comes when CM punk returns to WWE, I hope it’s with that same passion that made so many of you care about him to begin with.”

To add the intrigue, Vince McMahon once claimed Punk was merely on a sabbatical and in the same time frame even Hulk Hogan talked about CM Punk being on vacation somewhere. Either way, his contract is set to expire this summer so I guess we’ll find out for certain by then.

Do you think CM Punk is simply injured and on vacation from the WWE? Or do you think he’s really gone and it’s not simply an elaborate story designed by management?