Oscar Pistorius Called ‘Disgusting Liar’ By Reeva Steenkamp’s Family

Oscar Pistorious called a liar

Oscar Pistrorius is defending himself against murder charges stemming from the death of Pistorius’ former girlfriend and model Reeva Steenkamp.

In order to defend himself, Oscar has taken the stand, a procedure that is almost unheard of when it comes to a criminal trial in the United States.

Pistorius made himself a target for plenty of critics after taking the stand and telling a sometimes-emotional story about how he managed to shoot Steenkamp while she used the bathroom. Pistorius has long claimed he thought his lover was actually an intruder and that despite the fact they had been fighting he would have never opened fire if Oscar knew she was the one in the other room.

Oscar Pistorius might be winning some people over to his story, but Steenkamp’s family isn’t buying his tale. After spending three day’s on the stand, Oscar isn’t the only one talking about the events that have left a young woman dead and an athlete better known as “Blade Runner” fighting for his freedom.

“He is trying to convince the court that they were really close and that he cared for her,” Steenkamp’s sister, Simone, told London’s Daily Mail on Sunday. That comment has been the rarity for Steenkamp’s family who have attempted to look as composed as possible during Pistorious’ trial.

It appears the family has tried to avoid giving Oscar Pistorius the satisfaction of showing him how broken up they are over the killing. Because he isn’t claiming he didn’t shoot her, simply that he didn’t know it was Reeva he was shooting, the family knows Pistorius is the man to blame without a shadow of a doubt.

“When I feel strong enough, I’ll go there to ask him one thing: ‘Why? Why did you kill my lovely Reeva?” Barry Steenkamp told the media over the weekend, as Pistorius’ testimony finally came to an end.

During that testimony, Pistorius often broke down in tears and Oscar at one time became so visibly moved by his testimony that he couldn’t go on.

For his part, Barry hasn’t been attending the trial all that much as he can’t bear to watch Pistorius talk about the killing. It seems likely that the elder Steenkamp would like to have that face-to-face because Reeva’s father believes that’s all he would need in order to determine guilt or innocence.

“I feel sure I will know the truth when I stand in front of him and demand an answer. I want to do that for my daughter.” Barry Steenkamp added.

It seems unlikely Oscar Pistorius will allow that anytime soon.