WWE News: Which NXT Stars Will Be Called Up To The Main Roster Soon?

The Ascension

WWE’s developmental roster, known as NXT, is full of potential big names for WWE’s future. Currently, it houses potentially the best developmental roster WWE has ever assembled. Some say it’s the best developmental roster in the world. A company could survive with the NXT roster alone…it’s that good.

WWE ran a few video packages this past week, showing off the party man Adam Rose and Mr. Inspirational Bo Dallas. Both are said to be coming to the main roster sometime in the next month or so, meanwhile new WWE Diva Paige’s impact has already been felt as she was called up to the main roster recently. She won the Diva’s Title from the longest reigning champion in the title’s history, AJ Lee, on RAW this past Monday.

As a result of this, she is set to lose her NXT Women’s Title so she will have time to be on the main roster with the big girls.

The Ascension tag team is said to be coming up as well, but they may not be called up until the summer time. Konnor and Victor have done well since teaming together on NXT’s roster and they could be WWE’s best new tag team addition. It was speculated that they would called up last year, but WWE must have felt they were not ready.

The duo will be called up and make an immediate impact, one can only wonder if they will get the tag titles as immediately as Paige won the Diva’s Championship.

Another potential person to see on the main roster is Adrian Neville, the latest NXT World Champion. While he is said to be ready to go, WWE is said to be holding off on his main roster appearance so he can be the face of NXT over the summer. He could very well appear on the main roster this Fall, but I’d imagine he’ll come up at a time we least expect.

Cory Graves is another beloved character WWE has contemplated bringing up. Both Adrian and Graves were a tag team in NXT, so it’s possible they will come up as a team if needed. However both are accomplished singles wrestlers who are good enough characters on their own to come up separately. Whether or not they do is another case entirely.

NXT is obviously loaded with talent, so it’s possible another person will be brought up soon. However the people listed seem to be on WWE’s radar at the moment. The Performance Center seems to always be getting love from new talent, so we shall see if and when other people will be seen. Who knows, another name that no one saw coming could rock the foundation of the WWE for years to come. It’s not as if it has not happened before.