North Korea And South Korea To Unify? Nuclear Weapons Test Raises Tensions Despite Peace Offer

North Korea And South Korea To Unify? Nuclear Weapons Test Raises Tensions Despite Peace Offer

Could North Korea and South Korea unify like Germany? That’s the offer being held out by South Korean President Park Geun-Hye, but unfortunately it appears the North Korean National Defense Commission (NDC) is not very interested in that type of peace talks, calling the mere idea the “daydream of a psychopath”.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, North Korea’s citizens are now required to have the same hair cut as their leader Kim Jong-Un. While that may cause some North Koreans to want to flee even more, the reason tensions have been rising lately is due to North Korea’s missiles being fired near the border.

Unfortunately, North Korea’s nuclear weapons have come to the forefront again, causing tensions to rise just as South Korea is hoping things may make a turn for the better. North Korea has been promising a new type of nuclear weapons test, which some experts believe they may be attempting to create a miniaturized that can bit on an ICBM, or that they’re creating a nuclear bomb based upon uranium.

Despite the threats, South Korea’s president believes the North should allow families to reunite and she urged the Kim Jong-Un to allow an increase in economic and cultural exchanges across the border in addition to humanitarian aid for North Korea’s population. But in the long run Park also believes that the border could eventually be torn down just like the Berlin wall, which once divided the east from the west.

“Germany’s unity is for us an example and model for a peaceful reunification.”

Unfortunately, the proposal known as the Dresden Declaration is already being shot down by North Korea:

“This is merely a daydream of psychopath. The fact that in that particular place, Park Geun-Hye lashed her tongue about reunification gave away her sinister mind…. They should bear in mind that the tongue-lashing of Park Geun-Hye is the first root cause of deteriorating the North-South relations and beclouding the prospect of the nation. It is the unanimous view of the public that the North-South relations will be smoother than now only if Park keeps her disgusting mouth closed.”

Of course, North Korea previously built a monument declaring they want unification in the long run… but only if they are in charge of the process.

Do you think North Korea and South Korea could ever unify based upon how things currently stand in Asia?