Former TNA World Champion Chris Sabin Leaving The Company Over Contract

Chris Sabin

TNA has been going through some changes lately. It’s not as if TNA isn’t trying to get better, they are. However, it seems that they are willing to let go of the people who helped make them what they are instead of focusing on what made them unique and grand. It seems now that are even more at odds on what they want, as they seem to be focusing their budget on the same, moronic things they did before instead of the things they need.

Budget wise, TNA has been trying to spend less. This is understandable, and TNA cannot just jump into the realm of the billionaires. They aren’t making that much per year, in fact, they seem to be losing money. So talent contracts are some of the things they have to cut down massively….but whose contracts do you cut?

TNA seems to be doing this for their TNA originals. This is why a talent such as AJ Styles who helped build TNA, is now gone. Now, former TNA World Champion Chris Sabin is gone from TNA. It seems to only be due to contractual issues. Sabin has been having issues with his TNA contract for some time, and it makes total sense that he would want to get guaranteed money if nothing else.

Sabin has had an injured past however. As he has torn or broken seemingly everything in his legs at one point or another. He has never lost a step upon his return from these injuries however. So he can still offer a lot to TNA, yet he is by no means someone TNA can rely on going into the future. So I can see why they were willing to go a bit under on him. Yet his star was rising, so it felt that he was potentially on the road to becoming a main star for them again.

The issue always came down to his injuries, and TNA did not want to risk too much with him. Yet the low-ball offers for talent is becoming well known. Sabin simply chose not to renew for a lower price and I think that is fair when he can make more on the Indy scene. Chris Daniels and Franky Kazarian are two other TNA Originals who have contracts coming up soon.

It is said that the duo see the writing on the wall and are already contemplating the idea of leaving the company just like Sabin. Whether or not TNA offers a similar offer to the two of them is unknown, as both have been staples for TNA over the years and Kaz alone has a lot of potential. We shall see however. All we know now is that contract issues are present, and Chris Sabin is gone as a TNA talent.