Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez: Who’s ‘Sex-Obsessed,’ ‘Cheating’? [Report]

Selena Gomez “caught” Justin Bieber “cheating,” a tabloid claims. It’s just the latest item in a recently accelerated wave of accusations made against the Canadian singer, but it won’t be the last. In fact, sources tell us “cheating” “sex-obsessed,” “sizzurp overdose,” “porn-fixated” Bieber-Gomez claims are great for site traffic.

Who knew?

We’re a little different here at The Inquisitr. We give you the news so you know what’s going on, but we also weigh a report’s credibility to see if it’s believable or not. After all, if we want to read fantasy, Stephen King, Stephenie Meyer and J.K.Rowling do it better.

Life & Style claims a Gomez insider revealed the Disney alum is sitting on a pile of career-ruining secrets about Justin, which she will be forced to dish at an April 23 deposition for which she has been subpoenaed in a lawsuit filed against Bieber.

In a civil assault and battery lawsuit, paparazzo Jose Duran alleges Bieber kicked him during a May 2012 fight in a shopping center parking lot in Calabasas, California. He claims Selena saw the whole thing.

The Disney alum is expected to be asked about the incident as well as her relationship with Justin at the Duran deposition.

“Selena thinks Justin’s sex-obsessed. She’s actually caught him cheating,”an alleged Gomez source told Life & Style, adding,“Selena could reveal that he likes to watch porn and has a fascination with strippers and hookers.”

The magazine also alleges Bieber lost his virginity to Miley Cyrus and is still seeing her off and on, and claims Selena will be forced to talk about Justin’s so-called “rampant drug use, violent tendencies, secret affairs and sex drive” in the deposition.

Life & Style’s claims are unburdened by any actual evidence of the above apart from — you guessed it, “sources” — but the magazine goes on to say Selena “knows way too much that could get him in trouble.”

“She knows all about his late-night parties filled with weed and alcohol that usually went until nearly 6 am,” an alleged insider adds.

What? Bieber smokes marijuana? We’d never have guessed. As for liking sex? Don’t most young men and women?

These so-called quotes are most likely reasonable guesswork based on any recent Bieber interview or police report, not source-derived information.

Justin and Selena’s now three-year relationship is widely thought to be back-on after the pair were reportedly spotted in numerous PDA-moments in Texas last month.

Then came two steamy dance videos, Selena’s visit to Miami’s Hit Factory recording studio last week, and a surprise showing of the pair at Coachella on Sunday.

So what to make of it all? Where is the proof for these damaging claims beyond anonymous and likely fabricated “sources”? And why is no-one asking for proof before unquestioningly repeating slanderous gossip? Even by the current low-standards of “Jelena”reporting — it’s a mess online.

Life and Style’s cheating story follows Star magazine’s claim that Bieber cheated on Gomez at the end of the SXSW festival after their whirlwind weekend in Texas last month when she flew to NYC to film a commercial. Both claims follow a denied sex-tape rumor.

Meanwhile, Hollywood Life insists Selena personally told them Justin is moving into her new Calabasas home, after trespasser scares.

“Selena is definitely getting what she wants — Justin is planning to move in with her, the ‘Come & Get It’ singer told HollywoodLife.com exclusively!'” the site writes.

However, no actual quotes from Gomez were included in the rest of the report, just a fanfic-like comment from yet another “insider.”

“Justin is planning on moving in with Selena to protect her from the crazies out there,” the source apparently says.

Then adds, “Justin is her man and will do anything to protect her, even if that means moving in with her.”

Both Life & Style and Hollywood life are also running with a ludicrous claim that Bieber and Gomez’s duet — “Unfamiliar” — is a payoff to Selena for not revealing Justin’s “secrets” at her upcoming deposition.

The claim sits uneasily with impressions from Bieber’s inner circle about the context and timing of when the duet was written.

Life & Style steps up the ante by claiming an insider revealed Justin “overdosed on sizzurp” during a party at his former Calabasas home “five months ago.” Unfortunately for the tabloid, that claim is undermined by both its own stated timeline and a toxicology report.

Bieber was arrested on January 23, 2014 on suspicion of DUI in Miami Beach. A toxicology report later revealed the active ingredient of marijuana and the anti-anxiety drug Xanax were present in his system at the time of his arrest.

However, there were no trace of opiates in his biology.

That knocks out Sizzup use. The narcotic drink mixes the cough syrup base of promethazine and codeine with users typically adding a candy and soda and often alcohol.

Going by Life & Style’s claim that the alleged “sizzurp overdose” took place just “five months ago,” if Bieber was indeed taking sizzurp in December 2013 codeine would have shown up in his toxicology as opiates in January 2014.

In short, the accusations referenced in this report only hold water if logic is ignored, and we buy the premise that tabloids really do have 365-days-a-year access to an endless stream of “sources” for traffic-baiting gossip stories.

When it comes down to it, isn’t it the baser aspects of the news cycle that is obsessed with the sex life of Bieber and Gomez and oft-guilty of “cheating” readers of facts?

Something to think about.

Justin Bieber's Toxicology Report Revealed No Trace Of Opiates

[Photo: Justin Bieber Toxicology Report.]