Space Coast Nerd Fest 2014 Photos: Like A Small Megacon, But Better

Space Coast Nerd Fest 2014 has just ended, and we’ve taken photos of the main highlights, including the various cosplay costumes people brought from all over the southeast United States.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, we previously claimed that Megacon 2014 was not as good as previous years. The lack of organization and a smaller space caused everything to be chaotic. Practically all the fans were complaining, although it’s hoped that Megacon 2015 will fix those issues.

In fact, when I was at Space Coast Nerd Fest I ran into the guys from the Florida Today and comparisons to Megacon quickly came up. We all remembered how badly it went and, although Nerd Fest was definitely on a smaller scale, the local event was actually very well organized. Much of this can be attributed to the organizer Brian, who could be seen scurrying around madly around the convention floor trying to make sure everything went as planned. I only briefly spoke to him but in his own words he “had not slept in two days,” and they plan on making it bigger and better next year.

The main two guest stars were George Lowe (Space Ghost from the Cartoon Network) and Michael Koske (he’s many of the Walkers on the Walking Dead TV show). Lowe was busy telling jokes to fans and Koske had interesting behind-the-scenes stories for the Walking Dead, including pictures showing how the makeup effects transform him into zombies that look nothing alike. The other interesting highlights included Roxy the Rancor, the Mandelorian Mercs (customized Star Wars gear and robots), and a section/panel dedicated to indie game developers.

What set this event apart from other events like Megacon, Metrocon, and other larger events was the extras I have not seen anywhere else. In addition to the usual con staples, they also had medieval knights who battled it out in full armor, swinging their real steel swords hard enough to send pieces of armor flying. They also had live music playing outside throughout the day, with various nerd-themed bands coming on stage. The highlight of the evening included a Street Fighter themed band marching through the middle of Space Coast Nerd Fest blasting away on their brass instruments. They then led the crowd back to the stage for the final performance of the night.

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