WWE News: Sting Officially Signs With WWE

It has been rumored for months now, but the news can finally be confirmed. World Wrestling Entertainment is now done with WrestleMania 30 and setting up for WrestleMania 31. One man who has alluded the company for some time has now been signed and on the quest to number 31, he will now be part of the fun this time around.

Sting has finally come to terms to sign with WWE. The original plan was to sign Sting for a multi-year deal that allowed him to be used in a non-wrestling role in several capacities while wrestling very part time similar to The Undertaker.

The first rumor going out about Sting was that he was signing for only one match, WrestleMania 31 against The Undertaker. The thing is, this type of deal does not help WWE as it would only allow them to use Sting once. The set up alone would be great and people would get the match they wanted. However, if WWE could sign him to a legends deal, he would be able to enter WWE’s Hall of Fame next year along with having a huge role with WWE Network and wrestling from time to time.

One idea being discussed is to have Sting at Summerslam and other big WWE PPVs each year, or at least the first few years similar to Brock Lesnar. The Rock vs Sting has been discussed a bit according to sources. One idea was to have this take place at WrestleMania 31, but this could take place sooner at a PPV like Summerslam so that Sting has a match under his belt before being put into the Hall of Fame.

Sting has signed, we know that much. We also know that he is set for a multi-year deal, but it uncertain how long it is for….or what it entails. Word has it that each match is a bonus for him, but again the actual details are currently only rumored and not confirmed. WWE will of course use Sting for several WWE Network projects and DVDs, which they have wanted to do for some time now.

What Sting’s wrestling role will be is currently up for debate. Sting is still good in the ring, despite being in his mid-50s. He does not have too many injuries in his past, but he cannot handle a full-time WWE schedule. WWE knows his which is why Sting will most likely be as part time as possible. One idea however, is to have Sting join as the SmackDown General Manager later on. Vickie Guerrero is now gone from WWE, so this would make sense.

Sting’s potential roles could be debated among fans for hours and hours. It could even be days. The cool part here is that Sting is signed, and that much good enough to rejoice over. Sting will be an awesome addition to WWE, despite this being later than fans wanted it to be. At least Sting is now part of the company, regardless of his age or potential for top tier matches not occurring. Sting is set to appear with WWE at some point this year, the actual date however is yet to be determined.