Je'Michael Malloy: Teen Admits Strangling 15-Year-Old Girlfriend, Dumping Body In River

Je'Michael Malloy has admitted to strangling his 15-year-old girlfriend to death and then dumping her body in a river, police in North Carolina said this week.

The 15-year-old Danielle Locklear has been missing for a month, and police had begun zeroing in on the 17-year-old Malloy as the prime suspect. After allegedly admitting to the crime, Malloy has now been arrested and charged with second-degree murder.

Police said Je'Michael Malloy admitted to choking Locklear, then stuffing a sock in her mouth, tying her body to cinder blocks and dumping it in a river. A detective in nearby Cumberland County later found the body of an unidentified female in the South River on April 3, and though it still hasn't been positively identified, Malloy said it belonged to Locklear.

Investigators saw a glimpse of the young couple's complicated relationship thanks to social media. At many times, the two appeared very much in love.

In August, Danielle posted a love note to Je'Michael Malloy that read: "Truth is, you're the best boyfriend ever, and any girl should be so lucky to have someone so thoughtful, sweet and strong. I'm so lucky you're mine."

But later, Danielle would change her Facebook relationship status to "it's complicated," and posted a note that talked about being unhappy: "i feel no love because some people are too busy with other friends to pay attention to there (sic) girlfriend. Christmas is supposed to be a happy time... i feel like poo."

The couple was back together by the next Valentine's Day, with Danielle posting another love note to Je'Michael, but within one month she would be dead. Her Facebook page then became a makeshift memorial that drew messages from countless friends and family.

Je'Michael Malloy is not the only one facing charges for murder of Danielle Locklear. His friend, 18-year-old Dominic Lock, is also charged with conspiracy for helping Malloy.