Beyonce Accused Of Photoshopping Her Instagram Pictures

Instagram is one of the best current-updating social apps people just love to use. Considered "better" than Twitter and way less cumbersome than Facebook (which so happens to be Instagram's sister site), it is not a surprise celebrities would utilize it for their image. Beyonce is a prime example of a star who knows how to use Instagram. However, can she be manipulating the pictures she uploads on her profile?

Apparently, Beyonce is being accused of photoshopping her Instagram pictures, specifically the ones during her vacation down in the Dominican Republic with husband, Jay-Z. This is a first because celebrities have claimed to be victims of magazine photoshopping but Beyonce cannot escape any criticism since Instagram accounts are considered to be truly personal, compared to other social media accounts, according to America Online.

The two photos in question on Instagram are shown below. First, Beyonce has a photo of herself from the front. At first glance, everything looks fine as she poses in a red and white stripped bikini. However, at closer inspection on her "leg gap" it looks as if the space was artificially enhanced.

The second photo on Instagram is Beyonce on a side view. Fans have accused the former lead singer of Destiny's Child to enhancing the area around her butt. This writer personally doesn't see any issues but maybe the most hardcore of Beyonce fans may notice a difference down to the single pixel.

Fans on Instagram have voiced their opinions as reported by E! Online. Some are quite positive but most of them are critical.

This could possibly be a small nick of negativity in Beyonce's life/career currently since she is busy celebrating her sixth wedding anniversary. Also, Beyonce didn't have to upload pictures to Instagram since she and Jay-Z are usually very private, especially during romantic trips. The vacation is also well-deserved as Queen Bey recently finished her long-running Mrs. Carter Show world tour. Beyonce performed more than 100 concerts, first taking the stage on April 15, 2015, in Belgrande, Serbia. Her final show, which Beyonce got really emotional, happened in Portugal.

"I want a [spotlight]. I want them to see me. If you all don't know, tonight makes 132 shows. Tonight is the last show of the Mrs. Carter Show. We started a year ago, and I want to say this has been such a journey. In the past year, we've been through so much together. The Super Bowl, shooting the videos, all of these shows. When I first started the tour, my baby was not even walking yet. I just want you to know that I am so lucky."
Many photos during Beyonce's tour are on Instagram too.