Alvin Holmes Bets ‘Bunch Of Whites’ Won’t Adopt Black Children, Crowd Takes Up $100k Bet

Alvin Holmes lit off a firestorm of controversy when he declared that 99 percent of white Republicans would supposedly support abortions laws favored by Democrats if their daughters became impregnated by black men. In order to prove his point, he even made a $100,000 bet that offered to pay cash to anyone who could show him a “bunch of whites” who have adopted black children in Alabama.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, on the other side of the aisle you have Republicans who liken abortion supporters to Satanists. But the political debate was given a jolt when reports showed that US abortion rates were the lowest in 30 years.

Apparently, bi-racial parents in Alabama were not too happy with the way Alvin Holmes portrayed them in order to make his point about the abortion debate. Here is the full quote, including the cash bet declared by the Democrat:

“I will bring you $100,000 cash tomorrow if you show me a whole bunch of whites that adopted blacks in Alabama. I will go down there and mortgage my house and get it cash in $20 bills and bring it to you in a little briefcase.”

A movement called Face of Families organized a rally in order to demand a public apology from their government representative, although some like Beverly Owings say Holmes should also honor his $100k bet:

“I would like for him to ‘man up.’ He’s made the statement. He needs to put his money where is mouth is…. Families are not adopting children because of their color. They’re adopting children based on their love and commitment to those children.”

Owings and her husband have adopted four children over the years, including their biracial daughter who is now age 13. Owings says the reason she helped form the rally was because she saw Holmes’ comments on TV and became upset:

“When I have my daughter look at me and say, ‘We are a family. What about us?’ I have no other option but to take a stand…. This was not about money, but about changing Holmes opinion, and about getting out the word about how many children are available for adoption in Alabama.”

But Mr. Holmes has not apologized, nor has he mortgaged his house as promised in order to pay out the $100,000 he promised. Instead, he told a local television station that he stands by his comments:

“The majority of white people in the state of Alabama are against adopting black children and the majority of white people in the state of Alabama are against their daughters having babies by black men and I stand by that comment. The majority of white people in my opinion in the state of Alabama do not want their daughters having black babies. They know it’s true. I know it’s true. And they’re not going to say, yes Alvin Holmes is right. I know it’s embarrassing to them. When they go out and say, well it doesn’t matter to me and then most of them catch they daughter having a black baby, they’d have a conniption fit.”

Do you think Alvin Holmes should honor his $100,000 bet and pay up to the families who have adopted bi-racial children in Alabama?

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