Did Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Work On Duet In Miami?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez working on duet at Miami studio?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s Tuesday night hangout at Miami’s Hit Factory recording studio has naturally kicked off a shed load of speculation.

Factor Bieber’s protégé Madison Beer into the picture – it was her studio session after all – and there’s even more to talk about.

But lets back up. SelGo was seen arriving in a somewhat unsteady state at the studio while the Biebs held the front door. Next, a flurry of social media photos surfaced from the session thanks to Madison, her parents and one posting from Justin.

Since then, those photos and a video showing part of Gomez and Bieber’s late night Miami rendevouz sparked questions about the “Come & Get It” singer’s health and other rumors.

In addition, the UK tabloid The Sun is reporting Bieber’s studio session didn’t only include working on a song for Madison, but also on a duet that Bieber and Gomez recorded called “Unfamiliar.”

Without confirmation from sources there’s no way to know that for certain. But, we do know Madison sang a song which Bieber worked on, because yesterday he tweeted the 15-year-old to praise her vocal performance.

For her part, Madison returned the compliment to Bieber shortly after, writing:

Bieber’s studio session with Beer –who he discovered on YouTube in 2012 covering songs, and is now signed to mutual manager Scooter Braun and record label Island Def Jam — comes after his recording dates with Young Money Entertainment signing, Austin Mahone.

Madison Beer And Justin Bieber

(Photos: Instagrams and shots.)

Justin Bieber, Madison Beer Play Around In Studio

Which tallies with Gossip Cop’s recent report revealing Justin is “working on his own new album while also putting together material for other performers.”

As IQ first reported, Unfamiliar is a duet sung by Bieber and Gomez. The song is real.

For reasons that are still not entirely clear, Bieber randomly played “Unfamiliar” to a group of Toronto fans in the street during a visit to the city on March 14. After those fans hit the Internet about the encounter, tracks purporting to be the duet were uploaded, but sourcing remained speculative.

However, on March 26, WeKnowTheDJ.com — which is the website of Tay James, the official DJ on the Believe tour and a close friend of Bieber — announced:

“It is now confirmed that yes, indeed, Justin and Selena have recorded a song together.”

Selena Gomez And Madison Beer

(Photo: Tracie Beer Instagram, captioned, “And now this beauty comes to visit.”)

The website didn’t mention a release date for the Jelena duet – as it has come to be called – and added it wasn’t certain the duet would be put out at all.

The site went on to suggest Unfamiliar is a personalized relationship track just as Gomez’s “Love Will Remember” — which is a song on her Stars Dance album and Bieber’s “Nothing Like Us,” a cut on his Believe Acoustic LP — were. Both albums were released in 2013.

As far as musical details about the Jelena duet, the WeKnowTheDJ team deferred to tweets sent by the Toronto fans, some of whom said Gomez was the main vocalist with Bieber in a cameo role. Others differed.

While the Canadian and the Latina haven’t yet officially confirmed their relationship status, for now at least it appears Bieber and Gomez are happy to let their recent Texas weekend, duet news, two incendiary dance videos and a Miami reunion — do their talking for them.