Bruno Mars, Lorde, Imagine Dragons Headline Billboard Music Awards Nominees

Bruno Mars has been nominated for most music awards. This time the singer has been nominated to win the top artist prize of the Billboard Music Awards. While Bruno Mars is one of the well known nominees, he is taking a back seat to some other acts when it comes to the sheer number of awards he’s been nominated for in 2014.

Bruno Mars likely strikes his fans as a shoo-in for the award but Bruno Mars is going to be going up against some pretty stiff competition. Lorde and Imagine Dragons are both much newer to the scene than Bruno Mars is. It appears their bursting onto the scene in 2013 and 2014 have allowed them to get far more nominations than Bruno Mars.

Bruno Mars isn’t depending entirely on winning that one particular award. As Fox News points out, Bruno Mars is actually nominated in three total categories including Top Artist, Top Male Artist and Top Radio Songs Artists.

Bruno Mars’ nominations only underline the popularity the artist has seen in the last few years. Not only has the singer recently sold out his latest world tour concert but he also performed during the halftime show at this year’s Super Bowl.

Performing at one of the biggest sporting events in the world certainly doesn’t mean that Bruno Mars is going to have any better chance at winning an award than anyone else, but it does show the sheer number of people who know who Bruno is and what kind of music Mars is popular for singing and playing.

Not only is Bruno Mars someone who is obviously enjoying a great deal of wealth thanks to his musical talent, but he attempts to give back whenever he can.

Bruno recently announced that he will be playing at this year’s Robin Hood Benefit. Mars will be making an appearance alongside other celebrities from all walks of life including comedian John Oliver from The Daily Show fame.

Alongside real life celebrities such as Brian Williams of NBC news fame, Bruno will be appearing with those who aren’t well known outside of Wall Street. Mars and the rest will be attempting to raise money in order to benefit the poor.

Bruno Mars will have to wait until May 18 in order to find out whether he won any of the awards he has been nominated for by one of the top organizations in the music business.