Teacher Responds To Profane Letter From Student, Corrections Go Viral

If you are a teacher and a student publicly insults you with a profanity-filled letter, what is the best way to respond? Naturally, it is to correct the ignorant kid’s bad grammar and share it on Reddit.

That’s exactly what happened when an English teacher at McKinley High School (city unknown) found a letter that a student had reportedly left taped to the classroom door.

As the teacher had no real way to punish an anonymous student, who signed the letter @MCK, they did what any other normal English teacher would do.

The unnamed teacher proceeded to methodically correct the grammar with a red pen, like they would any other paper a student turns in for the class, surely leaving the student red-faced.

The teacher, who may or may not be guilty of all the offenses the letter accuses him/her of in the rant, is the one looking good right now and the senior who barely knows how to spell properly, well they don’t look too hot.

This is truly brilliant, and for anyone who has ever had to deal with a class of unruly teenagers, it was probably the best way to handle it.

What is more humiliating than having what a student thought was the smartest thing he or she has done, turned around and thrown back at their face in a very mature way?

teacher responds to letter by correcting grammar.

We don’t know if, as part of her response, the teacher was furious and insulted or they laughed the whole way at the clever way in which the letter was handled.

The now infamous letter came about because the student was appalled at having to read one of the classics in literature (this is, after all, an English class in High School), Wuthering Heights.

And even though the student praises the teacher in the letter and calls them “pretty cool” and says they have taught them “a lot”, there is not much more praise other than that.

The first observation the teacher made was that the letter wasn’t dated, and so it went on and on with the red pen corrections.

When the student uses “but” at the beginning of a sentence, the teacher suggests, “don’t start a sentence with a conjunction.”

The teacher wisely writes at the top of the letter, “formal writing shouldn’t include profanity” and finished her scathing review with “Please use your education appropriately. Proofreading takes five minutes & keeps you from looking stupid.”

What do you think of how this teacher responded to the insulting letter from one of the seniors in the English class?

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