CM Punk: WWE Return Question Is Answered By Paul Heyman [Video]

CM Punk’s WWE departure was “inevitable” according to Paul Heyman. If anyone would know the inside story it would be him, since Philip Brooks was a Heyman guy. But will he return?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, during WrestleMania 30 CM Punk fans began chanting his name during the final match between Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, and Dave Batista. We’d personally expected Punk to crash WM 30 at this point, if at all, so it was kind of a disappoint that the CM Punk sightings in New Orleans turned out to be false. So now the assumption is that we’ll eventually see a CM Punk UFC fight since he has been studying the MMA fighting styles in recent years.

With Brock Lesnar beating the Undertaker streak, having Heyman as a manager is claimed to be the way things will happen. For example, now that WWE superstar Cesaro has become another Heyman guy it’s claimed his star may rise even higher after having split from The Real Americans. Some reports are even claiming that Cesaro “can—and will—be a WWE World Heavyweight Champion,” although Heyman himself thinks Lesnar is more likely.

Recently, Heyman gave an interview whether he discussed what really went down behind the scenes with CM Punk. According to him, only CM Punk, Vince McMahon, and Triple H were present in the room when Punk officially left the company following the WWE Royal Rumble PPV event in January.

“Didn’t surprise me. Didn’t know when it would happen, but it was inevitable, yeah.”

The radio host pointed out that Shaun Michaels and Steven Austin left the WWE but, as we all know now, Stone Cold was a featured speaker at WrestleMania 30. But as to the question everyone wants answered… is CM Punk’s WWE career over?

“I’ve answered this question a bunch of times today. There were three people in the room when CM Punk quit. CM Punk, Vince McMahon, Triple H. None of the three have made a public statement regarding it. So whatever went on in that room is amongst the three of them. Anybody that speculates what’s going, and what happened in that room, and what’s going to happen based upon the conversation that happened in that room is just spreading rumors. Those are the only three people who truly know what happened. For me to tell you, ‘that’s what I heard, but I heard it, don’t know it, I wasn’t in there.’ When one of the three, or two of the three, or all of three want to share their experience with the public then we’ll know more. Until then, we’re left to guess.”

The host also asked if CM Punk had kept in contact with Heyman but he mostly evaded the question, saying that his communication with Brooks, or lack thereof, is irrelevant to the business question of whether CM Punk would ever return to the WWE. Still, he did point out that when Heyman himself left the WWE that he and Punk kept in contact, so it sounds like they’ve kept in contact as friends: “My friendship with Punk is not effected by business decisions.”

Still, Heyman also admitted he was not surprised CM Punk was a no-show at WrestleMania 30:

“No, I’m not surprised he’s not here at all. He’s not happy and there was gonna come a time that it was going to come to a head and it came to a head six or seven weeks before WrestleMania.”

While some now believe Brooks’ pro wrestling days are over, with CM Punk and AJ Lee being engaged it seems certain he’ll be following her around with hoodie in tow. This fact led some fans to speculate that the reason AJ Lee lost her Divas title match on Monday Night RAW was because the WWE was retaliating indirectly against CM Punk not showing up for WrestleMania 30.

Do you think CM Punk’s WWE days are over forever?