50 Cent Lawsuit Over Headphones Ends In $16 Million Payout

Patrick Frye

The 50 Cent lawsuit has ended with the rapper being forced to pay out way, way more than his titular name.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Curtis Jackson has been managing to anger quite a lot of people lately. First, 50 Cent claimed that Rick Ross and Diddy were gay, only to have the other rapper tell him to "put on the wigs" for them. 50 Cent's Rick Ross feud kept on after that, with the former man claiming the latter was "fat and sloppy." The good news is that 50 Cent's relationship with Eminem has not soured (he says his career would not even exist except for Eminem's influence) and even said Marshall Mathers was his "Dre" the other day.

The confrontation between 50 Cent and Sleek headphones came after Jackson had already invested over $1 million into the company in order to create a new line of 50 Cent headphones. But then the rapper broke off ties to Sleek and disappeared with confidential data, including the email addresses of over 4,000 potential customers. He went to another company called SMS Audio, where they developed "basically the same design, mechanically," according to the 50 Cent lawsuit.

In the end, both parties ended up in court, with lawsuits being filed in both directions. Sleek claimed Jackson was "misappropriating trade secrets, breaching his fiduciary duty owed to Sleek, participating in a civil conspiracy, breaching his confidentiality agreement with Sleek, and being unjustly enriched." 50 Cent counter-sued and accused the company of "fraudulently induced him into entering into an investment with them and breaching their fiduciary duties to him."

50 Cent's lawsuit has been dragging out in courts for a long time, with an arbitrator denying the rapper's claims almost a year ago. So the judge in the case ordered him to pay Sleek headphones $11,693,247 in damages, plus $4,488,331 in attorney's fees. The U.S. District Court in Miami affirmed the award after the three-year legal struggle had finally come to end.

Fortunately, 50 Cent's net worth can handle such a large payout. Ever since his debut album Get Rich or Die Trying, he's managed to make enough endorsement deals and star in enough movies that he's amassed over $270 million at last count. Still, you've got imagine that any profit from the 50 Cent headphones have probably been wiped out by the $16.1 million payout.

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