Mom Brutally Beats 6-Year-Old Son With Wire Hanger, Child Didn’t Do Homework

Every parent wants their child to do well in school. However, there are times when children tend to become lazy or distracted, and parents have to take action in order for the child to regain focus. Of course, disciplinary actions should be taken, but there are times when reprimanding goes a bit too far, and physical abuse is simply unacceptable.

One Chinese mother has made international headlines after brutally beating her 6-year-old son across his back with a wire hanger. According to the Daily Mail, the child was punished because he did not complete his homework.

The gruesome wounds were discovered by a teacher at the child’s school. The teacher noticed the red slashes when the child began changing clothes for gym class and took pictures of his wounds with her cellphone. She immediately contacted local authorities to report the abuse.

Police spokesperson Hu Ling weighed in with details about the boy’s injury. He basically offered the gist of the incident, simply stating that the child’s parents were displeased with his academic performance and this was not the first time he failed to complete his homework. As a result of his academic dedication, or lack thereof, he was beaten with a wire hanger.

Although the child’s mother was questioned, police did not see any reason for her to be charged with child abuse. She walked away unscathed with just a warning. The authorities also belittled the injuries stating that they were less severe than they actually looked.

Of course, the definition of child abuse differs from nation to nation. Most people would take one look at the child, openly agree that the mother’s actions are clearly a form of abuse. However, the Chinese police were of a different opinion in this case.

While the severity of the child’s injuries would normally be considered a form of blatant abuse in the United States, such parental practices are sometimes permitted in China. It is no secret that Chinese parents hold education to a high regard, imposing an extreme amount of pressure on their children to succeed academically. Teenage suicide is also a growing epidemic in China, and students have been known to take their own lives due to their parents’ uncharted expectations. Just last month, a teenage boy jumped to his death from a classroom window after succumbing to the pressures of academic demands.

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