Cronut Bakery Reopens In New York: Riot Averted

The much loved “Cronut Bakery” of New York, A.K.A The Dominique Ansel Bakery, re-opened its doors on Tuesday morning, thus averting a possible riot of hungry New Yorkers, desperate for their Cronuts!

The bakery was shut down on Friday, to the absolute horror of its customers who, in some cases, have become very dependent on the yummy, crunchy, crusty little donut delights.

Fortunately, the bakery was only closed for four days, so no emergency services needed to be called. By the early hours of Tuesday morning, a line of dedicated Cronut Bakery lover had formed half way down the street.

The reason the bakery shut down in the first place was because of a video, taken by a customer, which showed a mouse scampering around the store. That footage prompted a full health department investigation, which uncovered a massive mouse infestation on the premises.

As a way of securing customers’ faith again, the Cronut bakery introduced a brand new Cronut on Tuesday on its re-opening. That delicious treat was a Cronut with dark chocolate icing, and a golden star in top.

One Cronut addict spoke to reporters at the The Dominique Ansel Bakery about the crisis over the weekend: “The rain is not pleasant. The mouse situation, well, this is probably the best time to come here because they just cleaned everything up and also people might be kind of afraid to come down here because of the mice so maybe the line will be shorter today,” they said.

Another Cronut lover also shared his concerns with reporters: “I’ve already tried this flavor already and I think it’s probably one of my favorite ones which is part of the reason I’m out here and also just in support of the bakery because I felt like the whole situation was sensationalized.”

As well as the delicious new Cronut, the bakery launched on Tuesday, they also posted the following message on their Facebook page: “We are deeply sorry for any disappointment that we may have caused you. Taking this opportunity, we have completely fortified our facilities with a full reconstruction and re-cementing, taking every issue seriously in an effort to provide an even more pristine environment for our guests.”