Zac Efron Hires New Sober Coach Following Skid Row Fight Concerns

Zac Efron has answered some very loud concerns voiced about his behavior by hiring a brand new sober coach. The coach is expected to be someone Zac can lean on and call whenever he feels the need to drink or do drugs.

As in most battles with addiction among the celebrity class, every time Zac slips up, there is someone there to document it. That makes it hard for Efron to really get the situation under control as the negative publicity can often create problems that lead to wanting to drink or do drugs, and it becomes a bit of an endless cycle.

As Contact Music reports, Zac and his friends understand battling addiction is an “ongoing process.” Efron recently had a seemingly very public setback in his recovery when he and his entourage got into a brawl with a group of homeless people in the Skid Row area.

Although reports claim Zac Efron was badly beaten during the fight, he has since been seen in public looking as if he escaped the worst of the melee. However, good looks aside, there are people in Efron’s camp who have become quite worried about his behavior, and they pushed the young star to seek out the services of a sober coach.

The move to hire someone who can lend the actor this level of support could be a good sign, considering earlier reports indicated that Zac had distanced himself from those who were willing to question his sobriety. Last year, Efron admitted that he did indeed have a problem with drugs and alcohol and checked himself into a rehab clinic.

Since being released from that clinic, there have been the usual reports and sightings of Efron at various clubs, clearly having fallen off the wagon. It should be pointed out there haven’t been all that many reports saying that Zac had definitely and incontrovertibly gone back to his old habits.

The High School Musical superstar hiring this kind of a coach seems to indicate that he finally agrees that the problem is bigger than he can handle on his own. It’s difficult for actors, especially who carry the popularity that Efron does, to simply go down the street to their local AA or NA meeting without making the front page of national newspapers the next day.

Now that he has the support of a personal coach, hopefully Zac Efron will be able to remain sober and lead a productive life.

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