Xbox One Vs PS4: Xbone DVR Support Lets You Upload To YouTube

The Xbox One vs PS4 console war is far from over, and won’t see an end until the next generation comes along. In the meantime, the race to be the best has gone back and forth since the beginning of 2014.

At the end of 2013, the PlayStation 4 was the clear winner, having sold the most consoles by the holidays in spite of a shortage of PS4 in stock. That shortage will continue through early Summer, Sony predicted, though a few factors have slowed their lead.

The Xbox One Titanfall bundle gave Microsoft a much needed boost, being one of the first current generation exclusives on many gamers’ must-have list. The first person shooter genre was given a huge shot in the arm as we were given parkour controls and armored mechs to up the ante.

InFamous: Second Son gave a nudge back to Sony, being the first open world sandbox title for the PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, as fun as it is, the Karma system took some of the fun out of it.

Despite Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory choosing the Xbone, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Xbox One vs PS4 console war isn’t close to being decided.

Another factor now balancing the scales in the debate is the ability to upload and store game footage. Only the PlayStation 4 came out of the gate instantly supporting the ability to upload video, but after some deviant gamers streamed borderline porn on Twitch, the console had become limited to just game footage. It was recently announced that Sony plans to release a firmware update removing the restriction against saving high definition footage to a USB device or streaming it on Twitch, giving them back their edge.

Not to be outdone, Microsoft has announced their counterattack in the PS4 vs Xbox One debate with an update which will allow the Xbox One to upload saved and edited footage to YouTube, though you’ll need an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Couple this with the recent announcement that they are “thinking about” an Xbox 360 emulator, making the Xbox One backwards compatible, and Microsoft could grab the lead this year.

It seems that Microsoft’s “vision of the future” is beginning to fade as the company rearranges its personnel, and the gamers might actually have their ear now. The Xbone still has a long way to go before it loses that nickname it earned for such terrible PR last year, but it could be on its way.

Don’t take Sheldon Cooper’s word for it though: Which side of the Xbox One vs PS4 debate are you on?