Are Katy Perry And Robert Pattinson Releasing A Duet?

Katy Perry may be rumored to be a thorn between two roses in the much longed for reunion of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart but has Perry plans to release a song with her good chum and former vampire?

Perry and Pattinson have always been bosom buddies. Perry was a rock for the good-looking bloodsucker when Kristen Stewart tore his heart in two and smashed it into a million different pieces with the cold hard hammer of the cheating Jezebel.

Perry and the fanged-toothed jilted Joe, have always enjoyed a flirtatious relationship according to the folks in the know at Hollywood Life. When R-Patz was left looking like a right muggy mug by Stewart's bed-hopping ways, it was good old Kate Perry who picked up the pieces.

Like the loyalest of pit bulls, apparently Perry followed the broken-hearted sex symbol around for days in the wake of the much publicized split between the two Twilight terrors.

It's been reported that Perry and R-Patz were nearly inseparable for weeks and practically joined at the hip during this bleakest of periods.

Now, with Katy Perry chirping like a lovesick songbird at the height of mating season over her split with John Mayer, it's Pattinson's turn to be Katy's rock and provide Perry with some shelter from the storm and a little bit of TLC.

A source told Ok! Magazine: "Rob has made Katy Perry promise to count on him for support, like she did for him when he split from Kristen Stewart. The question is, how far comforting will go — they always had this really flirtatious relationship."

How far indeed? Now that is the million dollar question. What music lover can possibly forget Perry and Pattinson's sultry and steamy version of the Boyz II Men's hit 'I'll Make Love To You,' which they belted out together way back in 2008.

Sitting on R-Patz's lap like a domesticated pussycat, Perry purrs promises about making love to her partner in crime as part of a Karaoke duet on a fun night out. The personal and musical chemistry between Perry and a singing partner is so apparent it's almost toxic.

Although a source has insisted: "Katy's too torn up for now to think about jumping into bed with anyone", Perry is an absolute artist and a genius at making silk purses out of a pig's ear. So although Perry is rumored to have snarled: "Rob would make an excellent revenge hookup!" It would be far more fitting for someone of Katy Perry's stature to let her art do the talking and release a duet with R-Patz.

For my money, a new version of Something Stupid would be a great place for Katy Perry and her potential partner to launch their musical career.