Johnny Depp Raves About Fiancé Amber Heard, Talks About ‘Chick’s Ring’

Johnny Depp cannot hide his feelings for fiancé Amber Heard and even decided to wear a “chick’s ring” as a sign of his love.

In a recent interview with the Today show, as part of the promotion for his latest film Transcendence Johnny — who is usually very reserved about his personal life — couldn’t keep from gushing about his love.

“She’s sharp as a tack. Wonderful. A southern belle and sweet as can be. And very good for me.”

Depp — who is 50-years-old — almost looked offended when Savannah Guthrie asked him about the rumors that Amber, 27, is pregnant with his child:

“What do you think I am, a savage?. No, no, no — it’s not a shotgun affair.”

As reported by The Inquisitr earlier this week, the internet was full of rumors surrounding Johnny and Amber and the possibility that she may be expecting, however, the sources are less than reliable and if Depp says she isn’t, then she probably isn’t.

As a matter of fact, the website Celebuzz says that when Johnny first proposed to Amber she denied him and took her time thinking about his proposal.

As to hisring — which caused quite a stir when it was noticed — Johnny Depp explained that the first ring he bought for Heard was too big, but they decided to keep both — after he got the correct size — and then decided to wear it himself, he told David Letterman on the Late Show Thursday:

“I have a female engagement ring. It was too big for my girl…so I put it on. She has the other one that fits.”

Johnny also told Letterman that he gets on well with his future father-in-law and he is “about the closest thing to Hunter S. Thompson I ever met.”

The engagement to Amber Heard came as a complete shock to many, after Johnny broke things off with his girlfriend of 14-years, French actress/singer Vanessa Paradis, with whom he has two children.

Nonetheless, Johnny seems truly happy with his current situation and even took the time to joke that having little girls is great until they grow up into teenagers (daughter Lily-Rose is almost 15) and make him want to be on “opium drip for the rest of my days.”

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