CM Punk: When Will He Crash Wrestlemania 30? (If He Does Show Up)

Ever since news of CM Punk arriving at New Orleans started to flood social media, the wrestling world is abuzz on the possibility that he’ll be in Wrestlemania XXX. The rumors started when fans in New Orleans uploaded their pictures of CM Punk on their social media accounts, specifically Instagram. Not to mention, Punk just recently attended a Wrestlemania 30 ceremony, as reported by The Examiner. So if there is now a possibility Punk will return at Wrestlemania XXX, the question is when exactly will he return?

If WWE wants to capitalize on CM Punk’s character, they are going to have to keep up with the fact CM Punk is has always followed the direction of the fans, but also considers himself to be top tier – something the fans believe too. According to Tribal Wrestling, CM Punk believes the WWE was de-pushing his character because his contract was set to expire this summer. Wrestlers like Alberto Del Rio and The Miz were considered “top tier” when CM Punk wasn’t. Also, he believes in the wrestling product and expressed his distaste of certain creative decisions, like Bobby Lashley as ECW champion. He even expressed his desire for Daniel Bryan being pushed.

Actually, fans believe the lack of either CM Punk or Daniel Bryan getting the push they deserve at this year’s Royal Rumble is the reason why he left in the first place. Maybe that was the one time the divide between The Authority (Triple H and Stephanie McMahon – corporate WWE) and the WWE Universe (fans) was truly drawn. This can also translate to The Authority versus CM Punk.

In that case, when will CM Punk crash Wrestlemania XXX? There are two spots where the Authority may have a presence in their dominance, ergo, those are the two times he will most likely crash the show.

The first might be during Triple H versus Daniel Bryan. Ever since CM Punk left after Royal Rumble, the new voice for the WWE Universe – the fans who go against The Authority – was given to Daniel Bryan (Despite all the CM Punk chants in the background). This was best shown on the night Daniel Bryan hijacked RAW. That idea, however, came about because RAW the prior week was set in Chicago, CM Punk’s hometown. Everyone thought Punk would hijack RAW. It was disappointing when he didn’t. But if he shows up at Wrestlemania XXX, what better time to really stick it to The Authority then to have Daniel Bryan get into the triple threat match for the championship. Punk has been dropping pipe bombs on Triple H so why not dash his dreams to win the championship (again).

The second might be during the triple threat match, if CM Punk misses the above. Two, possibly three, of former Evolution members will be in this match – and they are all a part of The Authority in some way. If Triple H is in the match, Punk can really anger two of the three by disqualifying them from getting the belt. However, if Daniel Bryan makes it into the triple threat match, Punk can assist him in winning the belt. As written earlier, he supports a push for Daniel Bryan. Taking the belt away from The Authority’s appointed “Face of the WWE” (Randy Orton), and getting it around Bryan’s waist would be a major display against the corporate status quo.

Let’s just hope that CM Punk actually crashes Wrestlemania XXX. Just because he is in New Orleans, doesn’t mean he’ll be wrestling. He is currently engaged to AJ Lee, who is still active on the roster, so he might just be backstage supporting her. Nevertheless, if he is going to end his absence, it has to happen at Wrestlemania XXX. Fans are getting restless and the aftermath may not be pretty, as reported by Bleacher Report.

Apparently if CM Punk doesn’t return at WrestleMania, the crowd are gonna throw their rubbish into the ring until they get CM Punk.

— CM Punk (@TeamCMPunkPMA) April 5, 2014

Do you think CM Punk will return to the WWE at Wrestlemania XXX? If so, when will he show up?

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