Poppy Montgomery Marries Shawn Sanford In Disneyland

Poppy Montgomery made the shocking announcement on LIVE! on Friday that she and her boyfriend Shawn Sanford recently got married, in secret, at Disneyland. Usually Hollywood celebs announce their intentions to get married, but in this case Poppy and Shawn decided to keep us all guessing.

Poppy made the announcement by saying: “On Chinese New Year, I ran away with all the children and got married at Disneyland.” Montgomery, who is Australian born, and Sanford, a Microsoft Exec., have been together for about three years and tied the knot on February 19 of this year, which also coincided with the Chinese New Year.

Poppy told Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan that her mum wasn’t best pleased with her daughter’s choice of venue for the wedding. Poppy said: “My mother was horrified. She was like, ‘How do you turn Disneyland into Vegas? You don’t run away to Disneyland and get married!'”

Poppy Montgomery’s children were also in attendance at the Disney themed wedding. Poppy revealed that she was very impressed with the park’s mini-characters, as were her kids:

“They’re very small. Like, really small. And I thought there were children in there, or little people, I didn’t know. And my children were so in awe of Mickey and Minnie that they didn’t really pay any attention to the wedding. And then my stepdaughter said, ‘Why is Minnie dressed better than you?’ Because I wore jeans and Minnie was in a sort-of bridal gown.”

The couple had Violet Grace back in April of last year; Poppy already has a six-year-old boy called Jackson Phillip, from a previous relationship. Sanford himself also has two children from a previous marriage, so there is already no shortage of kids in the family.

From that point of view, Disneyland was the natural and probably smart choice for the Poppy Montgomery/Shawn Sanford wedding, and you can’t blame the couple for not telling the media about their plans. After all, it’s better to have the press talking about you retrospectively than in advance.