PS4 VS Xbox One: Sheldon Cooper Of ‘Big Bang Theory’ Ends The Debate By Choosing The Xbone… Sort Of

The PS4 VS Xbox One battle just had an interesting twist when the Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper chose the Microsoft console over Sony. Can we get a riot?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Bob Newhart will be using the Force on a special Star Wars episode of Big Bang Theory, which will even receive the help of Lucasfilm.

The BBT episode The Indecision Amalgamation had Sheldon hemming and hawing over PS4 DDR5 RAM versus the Xbox One Kinect 2.0 camera, among other things. When he couldn’t make up his mind Raj voted for the Xbox Xbox One, Leonard voted PS4, Wolowitz said buy both, and Bernadette exclaimed, “I really like the Wii!” Poor Nintendo can’t even get a Wii U mention…

But Amy stole the dinner scene when Sheldon kept spouting off specs and counter-arguments to himself while she was attempting to get him to give her some butter. At first she feigned interest in the Xbox One vs PS4 but eventually she just banged the table and bellowed, “Please pass the butter!”

In the end, Sheldon chooses the Xbox One over the PlayStation 4 and goes to Best Buy to pick one up. But then the ill-fated Zune reminds him about he he’s been wrong in the past and he can’t make up his mind. Amy offers to buy both systems, and even a new entertainment system to fit them both in, but Sheldon can’t make a decision even after a quarter toss is thrown. In the end, the bout of indecision is the only winner and they leave the Best Buy Xbox-less, with Sheldon bursting into tears.

In the end, I predict the Xbox One will end up on the Big Bang Theory as soon as Halo 5 shows up later this year. After all, Sheldon is a creature of habit and he loves his Halo nights… Which console do you think Sheldon should have bought?