Bill Maher Claims ‘Gay Mafia’ Can Bring Careers Down

Bill Maher made some comments he might regret in the very near future on Friday night’s Real Time with Bill Maher. After the show, Maher and his guests and panel gather around in something called “Overtime.” It was during this segment that Bill let it be known he thought there was a “Gay Mafia” and the comic believes they can “whack” you if you get out of line.

Bill Maher and his guests were talking about the fact that Mozilla’s CEO recently had to step down, because it was discovered he had donated to causes aimed at keeping homosexual marriage banned.

Those donations actually happened more than eight years ago and several members of the panel pointed out this timing was problematic. Bill Maher chimed in that he agreed and he thinks there is an ultra radical group that exacts revenge for actions like this.

“I think there is a gay mafia,” Maher said during the panel discussion. “I think if you cross them, you do get whacked.” Brendan Eich is the CEO in question and his money ($1,000) went to a group that was against Proposition 8 in California.

While talking about the issue, Maher’s guests pointed out the donation came during a time when even the President of the United States was still publicly opposed to gay marriage and instead supported civil unions.

Bill made his comments about the “Gay Mafia” in a joking tone, but the comic has fallen prey to people launching campaigns against him for what he has said. Maher seemed especially sensitive to the plight of a CEO who made a personal decision.

In response to that decision, many on the Internet began a kind of backlash against Eich and his company. The online dating site, OKCupid had actually asked its customers to use a different browser than Mozilla’s FireFox.

Bill made it clear he didn’t even really know what FireFox was but he thought the CEO of Mozilla losing his job was a bit problematic. Maher didn’t go into great detail about if he knew such an extremist group like the “Gay Mafia” had actually caused other people to lose their jobs.

If there is such a group, it would seem likely comments like that would draw their attention to Bill. The comic has never really shied away from controversy, even losing his first show Politically Incorrect after making comments shortly after 9/11 that ended up getting him canceled. It’s a safe bet Bill Maher will continue making comments like these for years to come.

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