Matthew Broderick Affair: Conspiracy Theory Tweet Over Kids Earns Fiery Response From SJP

The alleged Matthew Broderick affair has spawned various conspiracy theories and accusations from those in the media. But now one self-styled “relationship expert” named Sarah J Symonds has dared to analyze Sarah Jessica Parker’s children.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, when SJP saw the tweets from Symonds she publicly called the other woman out:

Fans of JSP rushed to defend her against Symonds’ tweet:

But what exactly were they talking about? Sarah and actor husband Matthew Broderick are parents to son James, 11, and twin daughters Marion and Tabitha, four. Although Symonds deleted the original offending tweet, those who saw it claim she made a comment about how the actress’ twins do not look like her at all. Some fans asked JSP what exactly was stated and this was her response:

“[Symonds] knows what she said. When I responded? She had the opportunity to be a civilized human being. And perhaps apologize instead she deleted and ran for cover. Suffice to say, it was disgusting.”

Ever since rumors of the Matthew Broderick affair came out there’s been a lot of speculation and, quite frankly, mean-hearted accusations. Some claim the rumored 25-year-old youth and the surrogate mother Michelle Ross were in fact the same woman. That’s not true at all as far as this writer is aware, but I’ve seen the that idea spread across the internet via social media and forums.

Even if Symonds did not make reference to that particular vicious rumor it’s still pretty crass to dredge up the appearance of Jessica Sarah Parker’s children. She and Matthew Broderick have been working on strengthening their marriage and it’s good to see they aren’t letting the criticism get them down.