Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office Deputy Harasses Man in His Own Home: Footage Goes Viral

At first glance, it almost looks like a dramatization. However, the dialogue is the tell-tale sign that the video is anything but a acting reel. For one man, the unfortunate incident was a harsh reality. The footage captures a man, identified as Donrell Breaux, being harassed in his own home in the River Ridge suburb of New Orleans, LA.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office deputy can be seen attempting to forcibly apprehend Breaux without following law enforcement protocol. The disturbing video shows the officer’s aggressive actions toward the 26-year-old man in the living room of his home. However, what you don’t see is what actually led to the incident.

According to the Times Picayune, Breaux recounted the brief timeline of events that led up to the dispute with the officer on Sunday, Mar. 30. Reportedly, Breaux his friend Eric Banegas were standing on the porch engaged in their own conversation – laughing and using profane language. The publication reports that one of Breaux’s irate neighbors walked outside of his home and asked if they could lower their voices and refrain from spewing out profanity so loudly. Breaux reportedly stated that the neighbor was quite “combative” from the very beginning. When he and Banegas responded to the neighbor, he immediately summoned police.

When the deputy arrived at Breaux’s home, he immediately recognized the officer as a friend of his neighbor’s. The recognition made Breaux question whether the summons was actually legitimate. The officer approached Breaux and Banegas, asking for identification. Breaux responded by telling the officer he didn’t have identification available, and that he’d have to go in the house. The officer then followed him into the house where Banegas fell in step behind the two, and started filming the incident with his cellphone.

On April 2, the footage was uploaded to Facebook, and has since gone viral with more 30,000 shares in just the first 24 hours. The disturbing footage has raised lots of speculation due to the nature of the officer’s actions. Of course, he and Breaux had different perspectives about the entire debacle. The officer actually purported that he had probable cause because he smelled marijuana as he approached the home, and intended to issue Breaux a summons. Breaux, says otherwise as he insists the officer was simply doing a personal favor for his neighbor.

It has not been confirmed whether the officer had probable cause or a warrant to enter Breaux’s home. However, he was arrested and taken into custody and charged with battery of police officer, resisting arrest and disturbing the peace. The Sheriff’s Office also revealed that Breaux has a wrap sheet consisting of everything from terroristic threats to property damages and drug-related charges.

However, they have yet to comment or address the nature of the viral footage. While its evident that Breaux has had prior run-ins with the law, do you feel the officer handled the situation accordingly?

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