Christie Brinkley Wants $30 Million For Her Home In The Hamptons

Christie Brinkley may want to sell her home in the Hamptons. Well, one of them, at least.

The property Christie is considering putting on the market is the 21-acre Tower Hill estate, which was designed by Peter Cook, one of her ex-husbands. Actually, Brinkley’s marriage to Cook was the longest lasting of her four marriages, and they had two children together,

And it’s the children who are the main reason for Christie’s attachment to the Hamptons. Their eldest son, Jack, 18, is at Emerson College in Boston. The other son, Sailor, who will be 16 in July, is a sophomore at the Ross School.

Unfortunately, the break-up in 2008 was less than harmonious; in fact, it was very bitter, and one of the conditions was that Brinkley had to live within a 25-mile radius of Tower Hill until the children finished high school.

Christie,60, has been trying to sell the Tower Hill estate in Bridgehampton since 2005, and has put it on the market a few times. Even though the main house has 11 bedrooms, and there is also a guest house and art studio, nobody was interested in meeting the asking price of $30 million.

Even if Christie is successful this time, and there would seem to be a good chance now as the market is stronger, she is not leaving the Hamptons altogether. She has a few other properties in the area, which she is currently renovating.

Brinkley will have a better indication of whether she might achieve her target price if Richard Gere is successful in selling his property, Strongheart Manor. This is a 6.3-acre estate he assembled from three lots in North Haven with a main house built in 1902. He is looking for $65 million.

But, then, it’s not as Christie is down to counting the pennies, since her estimated net worth is around $80 million, held mainly in real estate.

Christie Brinkley at 60 can not only still turn a few heads, but she is still making the headlines for one reason or another.

She is still fighting with Peter Cook, who accused her of “gross exaggerations, revisionist history and self-serving dishonesty,” following her front cover bathing suit shoot for People magazine.

And, recently, she has been caught up in the activities Alexa Ray Joel, her daughter from third husband Billy Joel.

Christie Brinkley is living with fact that your children are with you forever…..