Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez ‘Sex Tape’ Claim Denied: ‘There’s No Tape’

A Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez sex tape video? Not so fast, you sex-obsessed people.

Despite a new report in OK! magazine that the reportedly reunited pop stars have made a number of videos of themselves getting biblical, the claim has been blasted as “yet another untrue rumor” by a close Gomez insider, according to Gossip Cop.

The insider went on to confirm, “There’s no tape.”

All of which means the former Disney actress has absolutely no worries that “Justin Bieber has been bragging to pals about the secret sex videos he’s made with Selena Gomez,” as is claimed by OK!

Ever creative, the magazine even produced a so-called “source”, who supposedly told the magazine, “Justin claims he and Selena have filmed themselves having sex a few times. He says it’s completely crazy and totally hot.”

Elaborating, the purported “insider” added, “Selena’s into it, too, but of course, she’s sworn him to secrecy.”

OK! also claimed Bieber has all the alleged videos, with the “source” adding a suitably drum-roll warning: “It’s only a matter of time before the video gets out.”

Frankly, we’re not going to set our clocks waiting for a Bieber-Gomez sex tape given the fast denials.

Considering that in recent weeks rumors have surfaced that Selena is supposedly carrying twins (she isn’t), is planning a “joint tour” with Justin (not so much), got engaged (her gold ring apparently isn’t an engagement ring but a gift from Justin), and are gung ho to “elope” to get married — it seems foolish to believe this latest frippery.

While it’s pretty reprehensible that a tabloid would knowingly publish false claims — which happens far too often — it’s also not surprising that so many fake rumors about Bieber and Gomez are littering up the Internet.

Although the highly visible on-off couple constantly hit the headlines for a variety of reasons, they are notoriously private about details of their relationship– even though the big events in their three-year courtship such as Bieber hiring out the Staples Center in Los Angeles for himself and Selena to watch Titanic back in September 2011, and their first November 2012 split got out because they were just that big.

The pair were spotted by eye-witnesses reportedly enjoying a PDA-filled weekend in Texas earlier this month after Bieber jetted out to McAllen one day after his infamous deposition in a paparazzo filed lawsuit, during which he refused to answer Gomez-related questions put by the opposing counsel.

The twosome were also seen in a “dirty dancing” Instavid which Justin posted then deleted shortly after.

Coming back to the alleged — and denied — sex tape, it’s a particularly damaging rumor for any young starlet to have made against them, as seen in the sticky situation Nickelodeon’s Sam and Cat star Jennette McCurdy now finds herself in after underwear pictures surfaced online recently.

Deadline has since reported that filming on the Kids’ Choice Awards-winning series has now been put on “permanent hiatus” amid reports of tensions on-set.

While Selena is no longer attached to Disney, her image is a wholesome one and her career is based on that despite maturer roles in Spring Breakers and Getaway.

Hopefully, now that the reportedly false claims of a sex tape video of her and Justin has been addressed, rumormongers will find something else to fixate on.