Amy Adams To Star In Spellbinding New Sci-Fi Flick

Amy Adams, the fire-haired vixen that sang her way into our hearts in Disney’s Enchanted and swooned our favorite superhero in Man of Steel now flexes her acting talents at us with the confirmation of her new role in a show that is literally out of this world. Joining forces with the critically acclaimed Canadian director Denis Villeneuve, (best known for his 2013 smash Prisoners starring Hugh Jackman), Amy takes lead role as linguist who must translate a strange message sent to Earth from beyond the stars in the silver screen adaptation of Ted Chiang’s mind-blowing novel The Story of Your Life.

Adams will personify Dr. Louise Banks who must scramble to know if the message sent from alien crafts that descend on every part of the globe is friend…or foe. But the more she delves into decoding the information, the stranger things become. Peculiar images of places unknown being seeping into her brain, giving her tantalizing cues as to just why they are really here. Along side Amy’s monolithic acting talent, the movie promises stunning visual effects and heart-pounding, nail-biting suspense. It’s an amazing opportunity for Adams, who at one time found herself working for both the Gap as a door greeter and Hooters as a waitress, the latter a job for which Adams herself admits she didn’t really fit the part of.

” I wasn’t cut out to be a waitress, and I certainly wasn’t cut out to be a Hooters waitress. That was a short-lived ambition.” Amy confessed to She waited tables long enough to earn the $900 she needed to purchase a used Chevy which would be the tool that would literally drive her on the path to stardom. Still, the road to success would not be easy, and Adams nearly slipped through the cracks on her way there.

Amy Adams Twitter pic

Amy got her first step into the world of motion pictures while nursing an injury that kept her from her dancing. With time on her hands she auditioned for and got the part of Leslie Miller alongside big names stars such as Kirstin Dunst and Kirstie Alley in the 1999 hit Drop Dead Gorgeous. Recognizing her potential, Alley encouraged Adams to move to Los Angeles where she easily took lead in the Fox television adaptation of Cruel Intentions. Sadly, the three episode drama never made it to air, and was instead thrust into the strait-to-video market as Cruel Intentions 2. That one show would coat her in a shell of bad luck, and even taking a major role opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can was not enough to pull her through.

But in 2005, Amy got the break she was looking for, but not in the place she expected it. Adams grabbed up a role in a low-budget independent film named Junebug, and though it was shot in twenty-one days and not expected to be more than just another spill of ink on her resume’, Amy nailed an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress, as well as other nomination nods for her part. Her wholesome, innocent look caught the eye of Disney producers who were looking for someone to play the part of Giselle for their enormous hit Enchanted, which allowed the beauty to snatch the role away from well established stars such as Drew Barrymore who had previously been top choice for the role.

What makes Story a unique opportunity for Miss Adams is Villeneuve’s sly ability to twist and turn plots with amazing precision, leaving the observer on the edge of their seat, desperately trying to decipher for themselves how things will turn out. So be ready to see acting par excellence cascade from Amy like you have not seen before. With the power to turn tiny movies into huge successes, Amy Adams is determined to leave us, and with her latest Tweet perhaps her fiance’ as well, breathless and screaming for more:

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