Justin Bieber Had A ‘Perfect’ Song For Austin Mahone To Sing, They Also Shot Hoops

News that Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone have recorded new music together set Twitter ablaze on Wednesday, April 2.

A one-for-the-history-books Instagram of the two heartthrobs, Cash Money founder Birdman and Young Money president-rapper Mack Maine stunting up at Miami Hit Factory recording studio, sucked all the oxygen out of the Beliebers and Mahomies’ bite of the Internet.

Justin confirmed the surprise session with the 17-year-old in his photo caption “New Music #YMCMB,” which then became a worldwide trending topic.

Austin later hit his social media accounts and posted the same shot with an enthusiastic note:

“What an amazing song last night..the world isn’t ready! @justinbieber.”

Birdman, Maine and Mahone’s manager also got in on the online action, each of them talking about the session as if something pretty epic had gone down.

Justin Bieber And Austin Mahone Work On New Music With YMCMB Heavywieghts

(Photo: via Instagram, shows Birdman, Mahone and Bieber on Studio Day 2).

MTV News got the how, why and what Bieber’s role was in the studio.

“Austin and Justin have met before and they really respect each other’s music,” a source told the outlet of the session. “They work with a lot of the same producers and Justin knew Austin has been in the studio working on his album.”

The insider adds, “Justin had a song he thought could be really perfect to do with Austin so they got together in the studio.”

YMCMB Family

(“Got my MINI G with me today in studio @briawilliams14@justinbieber@austinmahone @birdman5star”).

As IQ reported yesterday, it’s not such a surprise that Bieber is working with Mahone as his ties with the YMCMB family go back to 2011 when Busta Rhymes featured on his Christmas album.

Fast forward to 2012 and Nicki Minaj on “Beauty and A Beat,” Lil Wayne on his 2013 album Journals‘ on “Backpack” and rapper Tyga’s turn on “Wait For a Minute.”

On a sidenote, as Cambio writes, Bieber and Mahone’s musical meet should finally kill off all those tabloid romantic rumors about Selena Gomez and the “MMM Yeah” singer.

Justin Bieber And Austin Mahone

(Photo: Bieber and Mahone face-off outside Miami Hit Factory Studio.)

It’s likely too early to start bets on whether Justin’s song makes the cut on Austin’s upcoming debut album, but considering Mahone has idolized Bieber from afar even before they met, it would be odd if Bieber’s current track and/or possibly others didn’t appear.

In a really sweet tweet we came across from 2011, the then 14-year-old wrote:

Late Wednesday, hours after the first picture dropped, fan-filmed Instagram videos of Justin and Austin shooting hoops outside the Hit Factory surfaced, watched by hysterical girls.

There’s also footage of the Biebs getting in some skateboarding practice.

Birdman later blitzed inside-the-studio pictures of the boys hanging with his daughter Bria Williams, whose sweet sixteenth birthday party Bieber sang at via video earlier this month.

In one photo of Justin, Austin and himself, the Cash Money CEO wrote:

“Day 2 with tha yung supa stars in studio workin @justinbieber @austinmahone RG YMCMB, “before linking to the shot.

Another caption revealed Birdman in daddy mode for a snap of the two stars pecking Bria on the cheek.

“My daughter. @briawilliams14 knw I don’t play tht but they my nephews family luv @justinbieber (sic),” he wrote.

Austin Mahone, Justin Bieber, Bria Williams

Bieber and Mahone get into it at the studio premises.

Bieber’s song for Mahone will no doubt be on lockdown if and until release, but the Canadian star certainly seemed pleased with how the sessions are going so far from his tweet.

[Image credits via Miami fans photos and Instagram: @princesscorall, @laurenKlein1, @bibi16 @Lauraa_Villar. To see more pictures of Mahone and Bieber balling click the highlight.]