Kacey Musgraves And Katy Perry – Dynamic Duo?

Country music star Kacey Musgraves is joining forces with Katy Perry for the CMT show CMT Crossroads, which pairs country music singers with artists of different genres. Both Musgraves and Perry seem to be happy with the match. In fact, Katy calls Kacey Musgraves her friend. According to Billboard, she says of Musgraves, “From the moment I heard ‘Merry Go Round’ by Kacey Musgraves, I knew we were cut from the same songwriter’s cloth. I have been a fan and a friend of hers from the beginning, always championing her prolific songs every opportunity I get. To me, Kacey Musgraves is an artist that should be a household name because she offers a unique perspective with her writing style.” That is high praise for Kacey, indeed, especially coming from such a successful singer and songwriter.

Kacey Musgraves will be opening on The Prismatic World Tour for Perry, who says, “It’s going to be a blast to play on each other’s songs this Crossroads. It will be a preview to our Prismatic World Tour road trip this summer which I can’t wait for!”

The two have enjoyed teaming up together in the past. Last October, Kacey Musgraves joined Perry, as well as Sara Bareilles, Bonnie McKee, Tegan and Sara, and Ellie Goulding in a performance of Roar for the We Can Survive: Music For Life concert to benefit breast cancer.

Apparently Kacey is stoked about the Crossroads performance, as well. “I’ve been such a HUGE fan of Katy and her vision since I found out about her,” Kacey Musgraves says in a statement to Billboard. “And since she’s found out about me she’s been an amazing light and friend to me. So, joining forces with her for Crossroads is going to be incredible. In some ways we’re on opposite ends of the spectrum, but in a lot of ways our music makes total sense together. Her songs, while having grit, are so fun and it’ll be a cool challenge to throw a little country on ’em. I love her brain and her heart and I can’t wait for our two musical worlds to collide!” enthuses Kacey Musgraves.

Musgraves and Perry will appear on CMT Crossroads, which is set to premiere on June 13. The show will be celebrating a special 50th episode, and for the very first time will be aired on multiple channels, which include Palladia, MTV, MTV Hits, and VH1.

What could be better than performing with a fellow musical phenomenon and friend? Katy Perry and Kacey Musgraves will surely be a dynamic duo, and a delight to fans spanning both the pop and country music genres.

[Image via Zimbio]