Miley Cyrus Fans Once Bombarded BBC Radio 1’s Jameela Jamil With Death Threats

Miley Cyrus fans don’t take kindly to folks who criticize their idol.

BBC Radio 1’s Jameela Jamil revealed that she once fell prey to the wrath of Cyrus fans after weighing in on the singer’s penchant for hyper-sexualized performances. When Miley’s supporters caught wind of the presenter’s criticisms, they flooded her Twitter account with all sorts of nasty messages.

According to The Guardian, Jamil ran afoul of Miley Cyrus’s legion of loyal fans not too long ago. The BBC Radio 1 presenter said she was more than a little shocked and disturbed by the voracity of these hateful posts.

“I have had quite a lot of those death threats, really scary sexual threats, all because I might have touched on Miley Cyrus and her overt use of her sexuality and her vagina to give her more of a platform in the media,” she explained during an appearance at Ad Week Europe.

She added, “I debated whether it was the right way to go necessarily for the progression of woman and it was just terrifying, the onslaught that you receive.”

Jameela also criticized Miley Cyrus and her cohorts for essentially using their bodies to sell products to the masses. Although Miley might think she’s taking control of her body and career with her shenanigans, Jamil believes that the singer is doing the opposite.

“Women, especially a lot of pop stars, tend to treat it as if they are using it to empower themselves, taking ownership [of their bodies], taking the taboo out of it, when in fact what they are doing is perpetuating something created by men,” The BBC Radio 1 presenter explained.

She continued, “Women’s bodies have always been used as a spectacle and objectified. This further perpetuates that. It’s a bit of a shame because they have the platform to make a difference and to shape a generation’s minds. It should not be abused and taken for granted.”

Judging from the leaked photo for the “Adore You” remix, it doesn’t appear that Miley Cyrus intends to cover up anytime soon. The image — which is a little too risqué for inclusion here — finds the singer completely topless while straddling a horse. She’s also holding a blunt, which should surprise absolutely no one at this point.

If you’re curious to see the former Hannah Montana star in all her glory, then swing by Idolator. Keep in mind that the image is definitely not safe for work.

What do you think about Miley Cyrus’ fans sending death threats to BBC Radio 1 presenter Jameela Jamil? Do you agree that the singer exploits herself to sell records?

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