Margot Robbie Gets Silly Sexy, Busy With Movies , And Shows Off Extreme Ballet Skills

Margot Robbie’s sexy moves are not just limited to the big screen. She’s been gliding into town making a fashion statement as well as showing off her silly side.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Margot Robbie’s nude sex scenes in Wolf Of Wall Street had her family upset because of all the lying about body doubles, but Hugh Hefner started howling for her to show up in Playboy magazine.

Margot’s role as the sexy wolf queen won her the best Female Newcomer award, which has given her the “wonderful problem” of being overly busy with movie offers:

“It hasn’t changed too many things. I’m just a lot busier which is a wonderful problem. I just have a lot more opportunities which is just unbelievable and getting to work with people I really want to work with.”

This past week the actress showed off her sillier side while attending a fashion show with designer Jason Wu, flashing the rock star devil horns for the photo:

You’ll notice she’s no longer blonde like she was in the Wolf movie. Margot Robbie’s hair has been exchanged for a dark chocolate tresses, which complimented her black and white printed frock. Not sure about the whole bun style, but she makes it work.

Speaking of work, her workout routine has to be seen to be believed. She’s been following the Ballet Bodies craze, which involves doing various ballet and yoga poses in combination with gym equipment. Needless to say, I’ve done yoga before and some of her poses almost scare me:

What type of movie would you like to see Margot Robbie star in next?