‘Captain America 2’ Release Date Almost Here: An Unremarkable Hero Offers The Best Marvel Films

The Captain America 2 release date, despite the film being based in America, has already hit overseas and is selling tickets. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the sales are already impressive. How is this relevant to actual US sales in the coming week? It could be yet another hit here as well.

Captain America has proven to be the most interesting Marvel character in film history, feeling less like a superhero movie and more like an actual story aimed for Oscar potential. Some had their reservations about the star spangled hero from the beginning, with him being the least interesting of all of the Avengers and being played by an actor whose most famous roles had been nothing but goofball comedy previously.

When I initially discovered they had cast Chris Evans as Captain America, my first impression was that the most serious role I ever saw him in was as the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movies. The first thought running through my head was “if he even cracks a smile, I won’t be able to take him seriously.” Captain America was never known to have a sense of humor, and here he was being played by an actor I’d never seen in a serious role.

I mostly saw the first film out of curiosity, wondering why the critics loved it so much, and I was absolutely surprised. The film was worthy of a sequel, and I can honestly say it was the most “movie-like” of the entire Marvel cinematic universe. It appears that with the upcoming Captain America 2 release date, Chris Evans is out to surprise us again.

The character of Steve Rogers was really quite unremarkable. In fact in The Avengers, Tony Stark (whose personality was entirely supplied by Robert Downey, Jr. and contradicted the much duller comic book character) even stated that everything remarkable about Captain America came out of a bottle. All he really is is a super strong man dressed in the stars and stripes of the US, who uses a circular shield like a weapon. Of all the Avengers, he was really the most human, with a sense of duty that Black Widow will apparently be trying to crack through in Captain America 2.

At least that’s what the trailers and TV spots keep showing us as the Captain America 2 release date closes in.

It could very well be the fact that Captain America is so unremarkable that makes him the most relatable of the Avengers. Even Black Widow and Hawkeye have talents that seem a little beyond the average human, while Steve Rogers is literally just his old duty-driven self with superhuman strength.

As the Captain America 2 release date of April 4 arrives, do you think it will once again outshine Iron Man and Thor as the most cinematic film in the second phase of the Marvel cinematic universe?