Brewery Creates ‘Walking Dead’ Beer Made With Goat Brains

A Philadelphia brewer has created a Walking Dead-inspired beer in honor of tonight’s season 4 finale of the AMC TV mega hit.

Containing goat brains, “Walker Beer” is perhaps the “smartest beer you’ll ever drink” according to Dock Street Brewing Co. where a viewing party for tonight’s The Walking Dead season-ender will be held.

In case you tuned in late — or not at all — to the most popular cable television show in America, The Walking Dead, based on a series of graphic novels by Robert Kirkman, follows a small group of survivors who are led by Georgia Sheriff Rick Grimes (British actor Andrew Lincoln) in a quest to try to find a safe haven far away from virulent zombie-cannibal “walkers.” Some of the humans that the good guys encounter along the way are also equally dangerous as the reanimated flesh-eaters. In the context of the series, the “walking dead” may also describe the humans who are all infected with the virus in its dormant stage and who “turn” upon dying unless they are stabbed or shot in the brain.

According to some scuttlebutt on the Internet, which in turn is based on what transpired in the comic in another context, and take this spoiler for what it’s worth if anything, Terminus may be a hangout for human cannibals, obviously putting the newly arriving survivors in harm’s way. That rumor aside, something disturbing is likely to go down on this evening’s The Walking Dead season 4 finale. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Kirkman has said that the finale will shock people, which may or may not signal the death of another main character.

According to the company which will release the 7.2 percent alcohol “brainy” beer to its pub customers this evening, “Only two things in life are certain: Craft Beer and Zombies. Kind of. As avid enthusiasts of both, Dock Street Brewery combined an obsessive passion for brewing with our admiration for the finest zombie drama to date. Behold our liquid tribute, Dock Street Walker, an American Pale Stout brewed with wheat, oats, flaked barley, organic cranberry, and Smoked Groat Brains!!… Dock Street wanted to brew a special tribute to the show. ‘Screw it, let’s use brains!”… The pre-sparge-brain-addition provides this beer with intriguing, subtle smoke notes. In true walker fashion don’t be surprised if its head doesn’t hang around forever.”

Do you find the idea of Walker Beer appetizing?