Harry Reid Spent Thousands In Campaign Money At Granddaughter’s Jewelry Store

US Senator Harry Reid is reimbursing his reelection campaign for about $17,000 spent on buying holiday gifts for campaign workers and supporters from his granddaughter's jewelry business in Berkeley, Calif..

The Nevada Democrat and Senate Majority Leader, who claims to be seeking another term in 2016, was pinged about the bling by the US Federal Election Commission.

Reid has insisted that he did nothing wrong and that his granddaughter was being harassed as a result of the resulting publicity.

The amount in question may be as much as $31,000, however.

For whatever reason, In a federal disclosure Reid reportedly omitted the last name of his granddaughter, which also happens to be Reid.

According to the American Thinker, "Will Reid claim that he did not know of this appropriation of campaign funds for his granddaughter? That would strain credulity. But if he did direct campaign funds be used for the oldest child of his oldest child, that would be a crime."

Harry Reid, who made the wild, unsubstantiated claim that Mitt Romney didn't pay income tax during the 2012 presidential campaign, apparently has a history of questionable financial dealings that has enriched family and friends.

Earlier this week, Reid seemed to play the age card when unlike -- according to him -- his tech-savvy grandchildren (bringing in the grandchildren again), he blamed the HealthCare.gov enrollment glitches on the American public who in his view lack education "on how to use the Internet."

In addition, Sen. Reid recently insisted that ordinary American consumers who have complained about Obamacare high premium rates, cancelled coverage, limited provider networks, or missing enrollment records were liars. This month he also went on a tirade on the Senate floor against the political involvement of the billionaire Koch brothers, who generally support right-of-center causes, while saying nothing about the liberal/progressive campaign contributions made by and organizations sponsored by left-wing billionaires such as George Soros.

Separately, in November, Reid and his Democrat colleagues changed the long-standing Senate filibuster rule to make Obama executive branch and judicial confirmations easier via the so-called "nuclear option. He took this step even though he blasted Republicans for considering doing the same thing during the George W. Bush administration when Bush nominees were being blocked.

Do you think Harry Reid violated federal election law with the jewelry purchases?