Cell Phone Crashing Comedian Hits Disneyland

Comedian Greg Benson goes cell phone crashing at Disneyland in this hilarious video uploaded to his YouTube channel Wednesday. 46-year-old Benson walks up to his victims, who are innocently talking with a friend or family member on the phone, pulls out his own cell phone, and starts answering every thing they say.

Many of the people he pranks quickly catch on, especially when Benson answers questions about loved one’s well being, or agrees to bring beer to the stranger’s house. When victims ask him if he’s talking to them, he insists that he is not. When one persists, he blithely explains:

“I was talking to a friend.”

“What’s his name?”

Benson hesitates. “J– James.”

But perhaps the smartest victim is the one who runs away laughing while still on the phone. Eventually, if the victim sticks around, Benson admits to the prank. Yet his admission can’t placate every one. One woman was reportedly so upset with Benson that he left her out of the video.

“I never want to make anyone mad or unhappy,” Benson told Yahoo! News.“Actually the opposite; I like to have a good time, and I hope the people I’m pranking are having a good time too.”

When asked what inspired cell phone crashing, Benson described a time that he was standing in line at the post office. “A guy was yammering on his cell phone, and I started to answer him for the amusement of people around me,” he recalled. “It was so much fun I started doing it every once in a while.”

Benson has pulled many pranks, including plenty of cell phone crashing, and posted them to Mediocre Films on YouTube, where he is #47 on the list of most subscribed comedians. Cell phone crashing is “one of the most fun pranks” for the comedian. Sometimes the people he pranks even recognize him, like the guy in this video who exclaims, “Hey you’re the guy that does the thing with the phone!”

“Everyone has been irritated by a loud cell phone talker in public,” Benson told Yahoo! News. “I view it more funny as anything that these people have private conversations amidst a group of strangers.”

Mediocre Films also has its own website, mediocrefilms.com, where Benson first started uploading videos in 2005. Greg Benson has been a frequent director for The Guild, of which is wife, Kim Evey, is the producer. His short “Phone Call to God” was chosen for second place in the best comedy division at the 2006 Evil City Film Fest.

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