Austin Mahone Says Debut Album Will Arrive 'Really Soon'

Austin Mahone keeps teasing his new album, but there's still no release date in sight.

The "Mmm Yeah" singer's fans are no doubt getting a little restless at this point. Although Mahone has teased his first proper album for months, the guy still doesn't have a proper release date to share with the masses. In fact, the guy is as vague as ever about his first full-length record.

The folks over at Parade recently sat down with Austin Mahone to discuss a number of different topics ahead of this weekend's Kids Choice Awards. When the publication asked the teenager about the upcoming project, he didn't fork over any solid info. In other words, fans will need to muster even more patience while they wait for the album to arrive.

When asked about his debut album, Austin provided the following details:

"There are going to be about eight or nine songs on there and it's going to come out really soon. I'm going to start the preorder soon as well. I'm really excited about that. I'm actually shooting the cover today. I feel good about my new song 'Mmm Yeah,' too. I hope it continues to grow on the charts and I'm seeing people like it, so that's all that really matters."

Considering the amount of time Mahone has spent working on the tunes, you'd think he could find room for a few more tracks on the upcoming album. Then again, fans will probably take what they can get at this point. Assuming, of course, that the record doesn't consist entirely of songs he's already released elsewhere.

Towards the end of February, Austin Mahone said he was about "75 percent" finished with the tracks. The singer added that he was taking some extra time to ensure that the record is top-notch before tossing into the hands of his faithful supporters.

Austin said of the album's more mature sound:

"I'm a lot older now and I'm putting out more mature singles and more mature music. I feel like my fans are growing up, and I want them to grow with me, so that's definitely a factor. It's definitely taking a lot longer than I expected, but it's going to be worth it. It's gonna be really good when it comes out."

At this rate, Austin Mahone will likely release his first proper album in either late spring or early summer. When that day finally arrives, the singer's fans will be waiting with open arms and eager ears.

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