March 28, 2014
Woman Performs Fatal, Barbaric C-Section on Dog, Closes Incision with Glue: Could Face 5 Years in Prison, But Is That Enough?

In a rare case of animal cruelty, a deranged woman is facing a felony charge of aggravated cruelty to animals after allegedly performing an inhumane cesarean section on a dog. Then, she opted to close the laceration with regular household glue.

According to New York Daily News, Candace Patricia Hauser performed the lethal surgical procedure on the dog without any form of anesthesia. The publication also specified Hauser used non-surgical glue to cover the Mastiff's midsection. Only one week after the horrific surgery, the dog died due to complications from the surgery.

On Saturday, Mar. 15, the 31-year-old Florida woman was arrested following the death of the dog. Authorities are charging Hauser because she was not licensed to practice veterinary care.

The Polk County Police Department reports that the incident occurred on Mar. 4 when the dog's owner, Brenda Hines of Winter Haven, asked Hauser for help with the pregnant Mastiff. The dog had just gone into labor.

Ron Spiller of Hillsborough County Animal Safety and Enforcement offered a detailed account of the gruesome C-section that led to the dog's death.

"She [Brenda Hines] takes it over to the woman and the woman starts to help this dog birth by manual means — she actually reached into thedog and pulls 12 puppies out," said Spiller. "She glued the incision, she didn't suture it, she glued it," Spiller said of her surgical methods once the puppies were out.
When the dog allegedly showed signs of difficulty delivering the puppies, Hauser opted to perform the "emergency C-section" manually. Hines told authorities that her dog's health was rapidly declining. So, she opted to take the dog to a nearby Winter Haven veterinarian. However, Hines hadn't realized that her dog had actually died in the car while in route to the veterinary hospital.

The stunned veterinarians quickly assessed the Mastiff's body and informed Hines that her dog was already dead. The veterinary hospital contacted the Polk County Sheriff's Office who informed the Hillsborough County Animal Safety and Enforcement.

Under Hillsborough County, FL law, Hauser faces a maximum of five years in prison and the forfeiture of her right to ever own an animal again. There is also a possibility that Hauser could face additional charges from the State Attorney's Office due to her illegal practice of medicine.

Hauser's actions have sparked a national debate as some people feel the five year charge doesn't fit the heinous crime. Do you feel that a five-year prison sentence is enough for the crime she committed?

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